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Captain Rex undergoing carbon freezing

"To freeze a being solid, then hang him on a wall like some trophy?"
―Han Solo, expressing his disdain with the Galactic Alliance's carbon-freezing methods[src]

Carbon-freezing was the process of freezing stored tibanna gas in carbonite to preserve it while it was being transported over long distances.

Overview[edit | edit source]

"Oh, they've encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is."

A cut away shows the inner workings of a carbonite block used for transporting tibanna gas.

In the freezing process, the gas was pumped into a freezing chamber where it was mixed with molten carbonite into a solid block. The gas was released later at its destination or at the processing center.

Darth Vader ordered the modification of a freezing chamber on Bespin's Cloud City so that he could freeze Luke Skywalker—eliminating any chance of escape—to transport him to the Emperor. As a test, the process was tried on Han Solo, who survived the freezing process through the use of a special device and was eventually freed from his trap.[1] Other people unfortunate enough to be frozen in carbonite include Trioculus, Antares Draco, Chihdo, Czethros, Keto, Roni von Wasaki, Sintas Vel,[2] Valin[3] and Jysella Horn,[3] Savage Opress,[4] Grees, Lorn Pavan, Mathal,[5] and The Outlander.[6]

During the Galactic Civil War, a large number of Sith Troopers and possibly a Sith Master, frozen in carbonite, were discovered by the Nightsister Silri with the help of a Sith holocron stolen from Jabba the Hutt by Tyber Zann.

Additionally, bodies were sometimes preserved in carbonite, as in the case of the Senatorial Tombs on Coruscant.

Carbon-freezing could induce hibernation sickness after being released, as was the case with Han Solo.[1] The Alderaanian Medical Association established that inhaling carbon-freezing smoke was a health risk.[7]

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Han Solo, frozen in carbonite

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