"Thank you, Commander! We were shot down on our way to Carbon Ridge."
"We'll get you there."
―Lindsey and Iden Versio during the Battle of Jakku[src]

The Carbon Ridge[1] was a ridge located on the desert planet Jakku. It held a secret research facility owned by the Galactic Empire.[1][2] During the Battle of Jakku, the New Republic took notice of this facility and attempted to attack it. A crashed Imperial II-class Star Destroyer attempted to send TIE bomber reinforcements to back up the Imperial troops there, but the remains of the ship were destroyed by Iden Versio and Shriv Suurgav. One CR90 corvette commanded by Captain Lindsey was shot down while making its way to Carbon Ridge.[3] Decades later, Unkar Plutt organised a failed expedition to the ridge in an attempt to collect valuables from there.[source?]

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