Carbonite guns, also known as carbonite rifles, were weapons that fired a short stream of liquid carbonite that solidified on contact with a target. It was a very formidable weapon capable of stunning everything from small infantry such as a stormtrooper to extremely large opponents such as a rancor. They could also be used to stun mechanical devices such as tanks.


The carbonite gun appeared quite like an ordinary blaster pistol from a first glance; however, unlike the blaster pistol, the gun emitted a deep ion blue blast when fired that could render an enemy immobile and defenseless for a considerable amount of time. During the time the target was immobilized, they could be attacked without a chance for self-defense, or in some cases, simply be smashed by a blow from the weapons' reinforced butt. After a few moments, however, they would thaw, and there was no sign of hibernation sickness. The enemy could easily attack as if nothing had happened. These weapons had a short range but in the right hands could be an extremely effective and fearsome weapon.

The Galactic Empire in its reports noted that the weapons made their enemies formidable warriors when wielding these.



A droid-mounted Carbonite Emitter in action

The gun was originally invented by scientists from the planet Empress Teta; however, the weapon had fallen into the possession of several groups afterward.

In 980 BBY, carbonite guns were discussed as a potential method of subduing Darth Bane. The notion was discarded in favor of the senflax provided by Serra. The Huntress indicated that their effects lasted for a few minutes, not a few moments, so these may have been more advanced than what previously existed.

The Zann Consortium often equipped their Pyn'gani slaves, who were quite adept with mining carbonite, with these weapons when using them to conquer planets.[2]

Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade are known to have encountered and perhaps used a carbonite gun during the Operation Shadow Hand.[3]

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In the video games Star Wars: Empire at War and Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, the carbonite gun can only be used by the Pyn'gani.



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