"The huge machines raised their weapons toward the collected civilians and sprayed them with jets of glistening stream."
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The Carbonite War Droid was a battle droid used by the Galactic Empire around the time of the Galactic Civil War. Another variant called the "Incinerator war droid" was a droid that had its carbonite weapon replaced with a flamethrower.


This humanoid droid stood several meters tall, and was armed with a carbonite-spraying weapon and a large blast shield. It would use the carbonite spray to freeze its enemies, as well freezing objects and spraying a cloud of smoke in an area.


In 1 BBY, The Empire created a vast number of war droids with fire and ice attachments. Several of these were utilized on the village of Rhador, encasing several people in carbonite vapor and instantly freezing them, and then proceeding to wipe out the entire village. These were then used as combat units for defense on Kamino, Cato Nemodia, and in ambushing the Salvation on the Battle near the Itani Nebula. However, none of the Carbonite war droids were used in attacking the said battleship.

Carbonite war droid Starkiller

Starkiller attacks a Carbonite War Droid.

A clone of Galen Marek encountered and destroyed several carbonite war droids on Kamino, and in Cato Neimoidia by ripping off their shields with the Force and utilizing their own weapons against them, making them freeze into a statue which could easily be disintegrated by Force push.



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