The Cardan II-class space station was the second model of Cardan-class space station built for the Galactic Empire. These stations were nearly identical to the Cardan I-class but added a vertical section attached to the bottom of the space station which provided more space for weapon emplacements and capital ship construction bays.


These stations supplemented the Cardan I-class due to those predecessors' relatively poor defensive systems. Cardan II-class stations were placed in areas of moderate importance but nonetheless could still be overwhelmed by a small force of corvettes and frigates.


The Cardan II was more able to defend itself due to more room and power for additional weapons. It carried three light turbolaser batteries, three point-defense light ion cannon batteries, two proton torpedo launchers, and two tractor beam projectors. It also had more hangar space than its forebear, and could hold twenty-four starfighters. Each station could also hold four shuttles


The Cardan II supplemented older models, and was sometimes seen accompanied by starships up to 650 meters long.

Construction optionsEdit

The Cardan II could retain its predecessor's capabilities whilst opening up new possibilities to construct capital ships. The expanded bays of the improved station could construct two new TIE models: the TIE/sr starfighter and, potentially, the TIE Phantom, although no station actually built these. The larger construction bays allowed for more independence from more large-scale shipyards such as Kuat. Two classes of patrol vessels were taken into consideration when Kuat Drive Yards began plans for expanding the Cardan I-class space station. The Tartan-class patrol cruiser was the first option, with the second being the more-or-less outdated Acclamator II-class assault ship.


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