"Sounded like Happy knew him. Anything on that?"
"Not much, but Bohento and Happy both fought in the Cargamalis Street Wars. Imagine Burnin Konn’s worst slum gangs. With plasma rockets."
The Smuggler and Riley[src]

The Cargamalis Street Wars were a series of conflicts between rival slum gangs that took place on Cargamalis[2] some time prior to the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector by Galactic Empire[1] in 7981 C.R.C.[3] Because blaster shortages were common during the conflict, the people of Cargamalis found other ways to keep fighting, using everything from shock rods to vibroknives.[4] Nevertheless, plasma rockets were involved on at least one occasion.[2]

The Aqualish Bohento Splinth, the human "Happy" Dapp,[2] and the Bith I'dreth all participated in the Cargamalis Street Wars, the latter as a sniper.[5] Many of Commander Bragh's Imperial Purge Troopers were also recruited from gangs that fought in the Cargamalis Street Wars.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Cargamalis Street Wars were first mentioned in Star Wars: Uprising,[7] a canon mobile video game developed by Kabam, Disney Interactive, and Lucasfilm for iOS and Android platforms, which was released on September 10, 2015[8] and taken offline on November 17, 2016.[9] In the game, the Street Wars were mentioned in dialogue preceding the Story Missions "One Codebreaker, Please"[2] and "Reinforcements,"[6] as well as in the crew member profiles for I'dreth[5] and the nameless "Cargamalis Street Warrior."[4]


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