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A cargo tug was any vehicle used to transport cargo modules. Variants included repulsorlift vehicles used for the transportation of cargo around hangar bays and military bases for loading onto transport ships, and space tugs used for hauling cargo among space stations.


Ground-base cargo tugs were designed to operate with rotating cargo-pod holders: quad carousels that could hold sixteen cargo modules. Two cargo tugs carried one carousel between them, allowing a transport's loading arm to lift its cargo from the rack and into position on the ship.


The Alliance to Restore the Republic employed many cargo tugs in their bases on Yavin 4 and Hoth, where they were used to load and unload Gallofree Yards GR-75 medium transports.

The space outpost Pellezara station routinely used cargo tugs to move containers. The Datches, proprietors of Pellezara, included souped up tugs in the flight shows they performed for pilots waiting for their freighters to be serviced.[1] The Hauler-2 was a line produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.



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