"Certainly Baron Fel was loyal to the Empire, or at least what the Empire was before insane butchers like Isard took over. In his era, the Empire stood for stability and order... [but] for once, the great Grand Admiral Thrawn miscalculated. There was one thing Fel cherished more than personal glory or even galactic stability. He loved the soil. And so do we."
―Carib Devist[1]

Carib Devist was a clone of Soontir Fel, and the unofficial leader of Imperial sleeper cell Jenth-44 on Pakrik Minor.


Carib and several of his "brothers" were created and inserted on Pakrik Minor by Grand Admiral Thrawn, during the latter's campaign against the New Republic. Though he was a clone, he married a woman on Pakrik Minor, Lacy, and had two children, Daberin and Keena.

Although Baron Fel's clones inherited his superlative piloting skills and deep loyalty to the ideals of the Empire, they also inherited his rural origins and his love for farming. Over ten years, and with no activation orders from the Imperial Remnant, Carib and his brothers settled into a simple, pastoral life, devoted to their farms and their families, though they kept their TIE Interceptor fighters in good working order.

When the activation signal finally came, during the Caamas Document Crisis in 19 ABY, and the Devist clones were given notice that Imperial forces planned to attack Han and Leia Organa Solo during their vacation to the Pakrik System, they renounced their loyalty to the Empire and instead saved the Solos' lives, using their Interceptors to prevent the damaged Millennium Falcon from crashing. In exchange for this, and for their promise that they would not fight for the Empire even if ordered to, Carib asked only that they and their families be left in peace. Solo, however, held out for an additional favor: persuading Carib to use his old Imperial contacts to send a priority message that could be tracked to Bastion, the Remnant's hidden capital, so Solo and Lando Calrissian could travel there and hopefully retrieve an intact copy of the Caamas Document from the Imperial library.

Before the Battle of Bothawui, Carib and his brothers presented themselves as Pakrik Minor's official "envoys" to the New Republic, volunteering to assist the Solos and President Gavrisom in keeping the peace over Bothawui. During the Battle itself, their aid proved to be crucial, identifying small ore-hauling ships on the edge of the battle as disguised scout ships for the cloaked Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrannic, and, when the Millennium Falcon was captured by the Star Destroyer, using their Interceptors to blast the ship's tractor beam generator. The escape of the Falcon spoiled the Imperial ambush, and they emerged from the cloak in time for the warring ships over Bothawui to notice and rally against them. Carib and his brothers survived the battle, and were presumably allowed to return home to their families, with the New Republic's thanks.

Carib believed that Thrawn's use of Fel as a cloning template had been a "miscalculation," insofar as Carib and his brothers eventually decided that their loyalty to their homes and families outweighed their loyalty to the Empire. However, Fel himself explained to Mara Jade Skywalker on Nirauan that such traits were precisely what Thrawn had intended, as the sleeper cells were planted not for action against the New Republic, but rather to form resistance groups in the eventuality of the galaxy being overrun by the multiple threats from the Unknown Regions that Thrawn had spent most of his life trying to hold at bay.



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