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Carida: Heavy Duty was a set of articles written by Cory J. Herndon for the Wizards.com Planet Hoppers web feature as part of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The articles, released in September 2003, focus on the Galactic Empire's Academy of Carida.

The four articles comprising the Carida: Heavy Duty set were published serially online on September 4, September 11, September 18, and September 25, respectively.


Weight Training
"In which a future TIE pilot transfers to the Carida Imperial Military Academy for her final year of study."
Boot Camp
"In which the fourth-year cadets take part in combat exercises designed to cull the weak from the Emperor's forces."
War Games
"In which cadets Davani and Brie take the new MT-ST out for a crawl in the mountains of Carida."
Cadets Gone Wild
"In which cadets Davani and Brie have a wild night on a two-day pass before they graduate."


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