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"This facility is basic—progress far enough as servants of the Empire and one day you might see what a course on Raithal or even Carida is like."
Cumberlayne Aresko, to cadets of the Academy for Young Imperials[src]

The Carida Academy was an Imperial Academy on Carida that was part of the Galactic Empire's military training program.[1] Like the academies at Raithal and Corulag, it was a specialized service academy for officer training. Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps officers all trained there.[3] Two notable instructors were Captain Tabor Seitaron, who taught military history to cadets there,[4] and Sergeant Triosa Broog, who served as training officer to Cadet Han Solo before he was expelled and reassigned to infantry on Mimban for chronic insubordination and recklessness.[5]

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Cadets take off from the launch deck flying a TIE/rb Heavy and TIE/ln fighters.

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