"We brought in some Rogue Squadron veterans—Riemann, Scotian, Carithlee, several more—and a couple of new pilots each out of Gauntlet and Corsair Squadrons. Now that you're back, they all return to their original units."
―Derek Klivian, to Wedge Antilles[1]

Carithlee was a starfighter pilot who served in the elite Rogue Squadron at some point by 7 ABY before leaving the unit. When a temporary Rogue Squadron was formed during the genuine Rogues' unsanctioned campaign against Imperial leader Ysanne Isard on the planet Thyferra, Carithlee was chosen to fill in the replacement unit's ranks. Once members of the original Rogue Squadron resumed their duties, Carithlee and most of the other pilots of the ersatz unit returned to their previous assignments with the New Republic.


Going Rogue again[]

"It's not ersatz. Just sort of auxiliary. For morale purposes, the Alliance needed a visible Rogue Squadron, while you were off playing pirate."
―Derek Klivian, to Wedge Antilles[1]

Carithlee was a member of Rogue Squadron.

Carithlee was a starfighter pilot and a member of the elite[1] Rebel Alliance[2] and New Republic unit Rogue Squadron at some point during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire.[1] By 7 ABY,[3] Carithlee, considered one of the squadron's veterans, was no longer with the Rogues and instead served with another unit.[1]

After the galactic capital of Coruscant was liberated from Imperial control,[4] the Imperial ruler, Ysanne Isard, retreated to the planet Thyferra. Isard's departure prompted the entire Rogue Squadron, led by Commander Wedge Antilles, to resign their commissions with the New Republic to wage an unsanctioned war against the Imperial leader.[5]

In the Rogues' absence, the New Republic government opted to form an ersatz Rogue Squadron, believing that the very existence of some incarnation of Rogue Squadron was vital for maintaining morale among the general populace during that period of the war. The newly created Rogue Squadron was led by Lieutenant Derek Klivian. Carithlee, alongside several other former Rogues and some new recruits, was chosen for inclusion into Klivian's unit.[1] The squadron served together for approximately six months.[6]

Stunt flying above Coruscant[]

"Wrong designations, sir. We're Rogue Squadron. You're simply a rogue squadron. But for the next few minutes we'll do you the courtesy of designating ourselves Red Squadron to avoid confusion. We're your escort."
―Derek Klivian, to Wedge Antilles[1]

The two Rogue Squadrons met in the skies of Coruscant.

After the genuine Rogue Squadron successfully defeated Isard, its pilots were reinstated as a New Republic military unit, with the Rogues' return being staged as a public event. Carithlee and the rest of the ersatz squadron flew their X-wing starfighters and greeted Antilles and his pilots upon their return to Coruscant.[1]

In order to avoid confusion with call signs, Klivian temporarily renamed his unit to Red Squadron. Carithlee and the rest of Red Squadron then engaged the Rogues in a friendly competition of precision flying above the crowded Imperial Plaza, impressing the onlookers with elaborate stunts, such as the Three Diamonds Parade Formation.[1]

The two squadrons then landed among the cheering crowd at the plaza, where the pilots of both units greeted each other. During this time, Antilles toyed with an idea of creating a new starfighter-commando unit, which would eventually be dubbed Wraith Squadron. Klivian provided Antilles with personnel files of his temporary squadron for inspection and possible inclusion into the new squadron. However, Carithlee was not chosen by Antilles. Instead, when the ersatz Rogue Squadron was disbanded, Carithlee returned to the pilot's previous unit.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

"Your Red Squadron looks pretty good, Hobbie. A pity you haven't had time to teach them anything about precision flying."
―Wedge Antilles[1]

Carithlee was able to pilot a T-65 X-wing starfighter and was considered a veteran member of Rogue Squadron, an elite starfighter unit,[1] by 7 ABY.[3] However, during the two Rogue Squadrons' friendly face-off above Coruscant, Wedge Antilles was unimpressed with the flying skills of Carithlee and the pilot's squadron mates.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Carithlee appeared briefly in the 1998 novel X-Wing: Wraith Squadron, the fifth volume in the Star Wars: X-Wing series, by Aaron Allston.[1]


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