"You can imagine the consequences for the galaxy, should this knowledge fall into the wrong hands."
―Carl Barzon[src]

Carl Barzon was a male Human professor at the University of Garos and a secret member of the Garos Resistance group.


Carl Barzon was a Human male[2] from the planet Sundari. He emigrated to the neighboring planet of Garos IV as a student, attending the University of Garos to conduct graduate work. Barzon remained on Garos IV, becoming a well-respected teaching professor and research scientist. In 19 BBY, Barzon began researching the ore hibridium. Only found on the western coastline of Garos IV's main continent, hibridium possessed natural cloaking properties. When the Galactic Empire established a presence on Garos IV around 5 BBY, Barzon joined the Committee of Seven for Garosian Unification, an anti-Imperial resistance movement. The professor feared that if the Empire obtained his research on hibridium, they would be able to fashion weapons capable of dominating the galaxy.[1]



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