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A task force commanded by Admiral Carlou Gendling notably participated in a battle above the planet Umbara. The battle proved to be costly on Gendling's task force as one of his Raider-class corvettes was destroyed and another seriously damaged with half of its crew dead or wounded.


"Has the rest of the task force arrived?"
"Our Star Destroyer has. The ISD Foremost, Admiral Carlou Gendling commanding. He has two of his four corvettes with him, but he sent the other two and his light cruiser off to investigate a problem that just cropped up in another system."
―Thrawn, and Eli Vanto[src]

Imperial Navy Admiral Carlou Gendling's task force consisted of six ships, one of which was the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Foremost, which served as its flagship. The task force also possessed four corvettes, at least two of which were Raider-class corvettes; and one light cruiser.[1]


Thunder Wasp

The task force was assisted at Umbara by the Thunder Wasp.

During the Imperial Era, Admiral Carlou Gendling commanded a task force in the Galactic Empire. At some point, the criminal Nevil Cygni instigated an uprising on the Expansion Region planet Umbara, which aided him by allowing the Empire to seize the world's mining and refining facilities. Gendling was sent to respond to the uprising in the Formost, along with two Raider-class corvettes, while his other ships, two more corvettes and a light cruiser, were sent off to investigate a problem in another system. Aiding Gendling's ships at Umbara was the Arquitens-class light cruiser Thunder Wasp.[1]

At Umbara, Gendling, assisted by the Arquitens-class light cruiser Thunder Wasp, fought against the rebellious Nightswan's forces, although the admiral's ships were heavily damaged, with one of the Raiders being destroyed. However, the Thunder Wasp managed to defeat the enemy vulture droids, winning the battle for the Empire.[1]

Commanders and crewEdit

"I advised him to wait for the rest of the task force, but Gendling's an impatient sort. He also has a somewhat overinflated view of himself and his capabilities."
―Alfren Cheno, to Thrawn[src]

The task force was commanded by Admiral Carlou Gendling, a naval officer.[1]

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Carlou Gendling's task force first appeared in the 2017 novel Thrawn, written by Timothy Zahn.[1]


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