Carmine Infantino (May 24, 1925April 4, 2013) was a comic-book artist and editor who illustrated a number of issues in Marvel's Star Wars comic series.

Infantino started in comics in 1941 illustrating for Timely Comics and later worked for DC Comics on such titles as Green Lantern and The Flash. Infantino's most notable work came in the 1950s, when DC was reviving many of their superhero comic titles. He illustrated the new version of the Flash in a series called Showcase, an issue which is now cited as the beginning of the Silver Age of Comics. Infantino was named publisher of DC Comics in the 1970s during a period when the company, and the industry as a whole, was struggling to survive; he soon returned to freelance work.

In the late 1970s, Infantino was the regular penciller for Marvel's Star Wars title, doing the art duties on nearly every issue until the adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back. He and writer Archie Goodwin were responsible for such creations as House of Tagge and the The Wheel.

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Cover of Star Wars 14 by Infantino and Terry Austin

Infantino was both penciller and cover artist on the issues below unless otherwise noted.



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