Caross was the capital city of Togoria. As with other Togorian cities and towns, its permanent inhabitants were all female Togorians and their children, due to the division in Togorian society between the nomadic males and the settled females. There was also a transient population of males who visited their mates for a few days each year.[1]

Caross was also the only part of Togoria where offworlders could move freely. The males would send offworlders caught trespassing outside Caross back to the females of the city on their first offense. On a subsequent offense, they would be captured and staked out as food for liphons.[1]

The male ruler of Togoria, titled the Margrave, did not live in Caross. However, his mate or a close female relative ruled over female concerns in his place from an ancestral home in Caross.[1]

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