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Carr was a male human who was a member of the Scyre clan on Parnassos. He was part of the trusted soldiers who joined Phasma on her adventure in helping General Brendol Hux find his ship. During this adventure, while enjoying something he never previously had experienced, he suffered an injury which ultimately would lead to his demise. He was the best friend of Torben.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Being a trusted soldier of Phasma's, Carr participated in all exercises and missions. He was part of the Scyre group who backed Phasma, be it against Porr, a wannabe leader and killer, or Keldo, Phasma's brother and co-leader. He aided Phasma when she went to discover the mystery of the shot-down spacecraft. Together with his friends and Phasma, they entered Claw territory, killing a sentry to sneak in and eventually battling the Claws on a plateau over the estemeed prize of the ship, General Brendol Hux and three troopers. After they returned to the Sycre and Keldo forbade them to leave on a mission to find Hux's ship, they embarked on the adventure nonetheless. Eventually, after climbing down a treacherous cliff face for hours, the group reached the ground at the bottom and found themselves in a desert of soft gray sand. Carr, happy to see sand for the first time, reached out for it and let it stream through his fingers. Something bit him, which turned out to be an unknown desert beetle. Initially not feeling any effects, he soon started to fall behind the group. He described himself feeling "dizzy and feverish". However, his skin was cold, as Siv found out, even though he felt as if his skin were on fire and his skull going to burst. He was pale and they noticed his blue veins showing, beating rapidly with his heart. Phasma and Siv studied his beetle bite, but found it surprisingly healed up, only swollen, red, and hard. His condition worsened after camping for the evening, being absent-minded and weaker. He had to be carried, but did not get far due to a surprise attack from an unknown foe the next morning. The Scyre won without losses, but when Siv and Torben brought one of the enemy's sleds to lay Carr on, Carr suddenly exploded in a cloud of water. It seemed to Siv as though his skin had dissolved. His organs were shriveled and his bones were nearly translucent. There was not much blood, but there was a black fluid left behind, which the beetles feasted upon.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Carr was lanky and quick-witted, having golden skin, sunbleached hair, and freckles. He was the more humorous of the Scyre clan, and even when he was in pain and slowly dying from the beetle bite, he tried to joke with Siv about his appearance. His best friend was Torben.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Carr's fighting style was mainly with long-ranged knives, which he held by his hips. He was loyal to Phasma, obeying all of her orders without hesitation or second thoughts.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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