"It seems there was a girl involved in the destruction of the Carreras communications array there. The Governor is unclear about exactly what happened. Her name is Ania Solo."
"Solo? Who the hell is Ania Solo?"
―Antares Draco and Marasiah Fel[src]

The Carreras Incident[1] was a fleet action that took place in the Carreras system in the year 138 ABY. A blockade of Carreras starfighters was set up on the orders of Darth Wredd, who was posing as the Imperial Knight Yalta Val and was attempting to prevent any departure or arrival into the Carreras system until the construction of the Carreras G51 communications array was complete. Despite Governor Biala's misgivings, she agreed to the blockade.[2]

Ania Solo, Sauk and AG-37 sighted the blockade from AG-37's freighter after escaping Shifalan security forces on the moon of the backwater planet of Carreras Minor.[3] They were pursued by snubfighters from the blockade into Carreras Minor's ice rings. Soon after, Imperial Knight Jao Assam was detained aboard the blockade on the Sith's orders, but he escaped to Carreras Minor after the Shifala tried to arrest him. Assam believed that the presence of the blockade indicated that something was wrong in the system.[2]

Solo's party were later captured by a Shifalan patrol ship and detained aboard the communications array, but Biala released them, and they attacked Wredd. All save for Solo were severely injured, and she commandeered Assam's starfighter to follow Wredd to the planet Mala. There, she helped set Yalta Val free; she then returned to the array and rescued her friends in AG-37's freighter before the communications array crashed into Mala and was destroyed. On Mala's surface, Val dueled Wredd in a repeat of their last duel, but Wredd fled before the array could crash into them. Val was also rescued by Solo just in time.


Carreras station construction

The Carreras station under construction


"My apprenticeship is done. And now for you Knight [Yalta Val]."
―Darth Wredd kills his Sith Master and turns his attention to the Imperial Knight Yalta Val[src]

Following the defeat of the One Sith which ended the Second Imperial Civil War, a new Galactic Federation Triumvirate consisting of the Fel Empire, the Jedi Council, and the Galactic Alliance Remnant became the new galactic government. The new Galactic Empress Marasiah Fel embarked on an ambitious communications infrastructure project, known as the G51 communications array, to improve communications between the Outer Rim Territories and the rest of the galaxy. The remote Carreras system in the Outer Rim was selected as a location for one of the G51 communications array's component stations. In 138 ABY, Empress Fel dispatched the Imperial Knight Yalta Val on a mission to supervise the final stages of the Carreras communication array's construction.[4]

While traveling through the perilous Surd Nebula, Yalta Val's starship was ambushed and attacked by a Sith master and his apprentice Darth Wredd. Following the death of Darth Krayt, the One Sith had been driven underground but had regrouped with a new strategy of infiltrating all galactic governments and corporations to restore their "golden age." During the ambush, Darth Wredd convinced his master to open fire on Yalta Val's starship, causing it to crash-land on the floating world of Mala.[5] There, Yalta Val's crew and stormtroopers were killed by the Sith master. Before the Sith master could finish Val off, he was killed by his own apprentice Darth Wredd, who announced that his apprenticeship was over. He disarmed and took Yalta Val captive, impersonating the Imperial Knight and stealing his armor. Despite his success, Darth Wredd was unable to recover Val's lightsaber, which had been picked up and retrieved by his comm droid. The comm droid was later recovered by a young Human junk dealer named Ania Solo, a distant descendant of Han Solo, and her Mon Calamari friend Sauk.[4]

A week later, the Sith impostor Darth Wredd was picked by Governor Biala's security forces. Under the pretext that there was a Sith presence in the Carreras system, the false "Yalta Val" coerced Biala into handing over personal control of her security forces to him. In reality, Darth Wredd intended to recover Yalta Val's lightsaber. While combing through the streets of Carreras Major, the homeworld of the simian Shifala species, the Carreras security forces found that Yalta Val's lightsaber had fallen into the hands of Ania and Sauk. During the recovery attempt, Ania killed a Carreras security officer.[4] She and Sauk then escaped in a speeder led the Carreras security forces on a pursuit, which killed four security officers. They then escaped to Ania Solo's junkyard on the moon of the backwater planet of Carreras Minor. Upon learning of the incident, Darth Wredd organized a force of Carreras security guards and traveled to Ania Solo's junkyard to recover it himself.[3]

The Sith ImpostorEdit

"But I [Governor Biala] never --"
"Madam, I wield the Force -- and I have the power of the new Galactic Triumvirate at my back. Do you truly want to stand against those things?"
―The Sith impostor Darth Wredd seizing control of Governor Biala's troops[src]
Darth Wredd arrives in Carreras

Darth Wredd, assumed the Imperial Knight Yalta Val's identity

Shortly before Darth Wredd's arrival, AG-37, an amicable assassin droid and a friend of Ania Solo, visited Ania Solo's junkyard to purchase a linear converter. Their reunion was interrupted by the arrival of the false "Yalta Val" who demanded that Ania returned "his" lightsaber to him. Ania refused on the grounds that she had found it first and dispatched her security droid SD to deal with the intruder. However, the Sith impostor merely used the Force to levitate the lightsaber out of Ania's hands and slice SD across the torso. Whether out of blood lust or a desire to hide his tracks, Wredd then ordered his security guards to kill Ania and Sauk. Following a pursuit through the junkyard,the Carreras security guards were killed by AG-37, who opened fire on them with two blaster rifles. In response to the alleged threat of Ania, Darth Wredd took the opportunity to mobilize all of Governor Biala's troops for active duty and to impose a blockade of the Carreras system.[3]

Ania and her companions fled aboard AG-37's freighter into space, bringing along the damaged comm droid. They were pursued by several Shifala snub fighters but managed to lose their pursuers in the ice rings orbiting Carreras Minor. Seeking refuge from the Shifala authorities, AG-37's freighter landed on the barren planet. After receiving no contact from Master Yalta Val, the Imperial Knight Jao Assam traveled to the Carreras system to investigate delays in the Carreras communications array project and to ascertain the whereabouts of Val. Upon arriving outside the Surd Nebula, Jao encountered a Shifala naval blockade. After narrowly escaping arrest at the hands of the Carreras security forces, Jao traced Val's comm droid's locator signal to Carreras Minor. There, he saved Ania and her companions from being devoured by a giant tentacled monster. After Ania, Jao, Sauk, and AG-37 learnt from the comm droid that Yalta Val had been replaced by a Sith impostor, the four companions agreed to join forces in order to rescue the Imperial Knight. [2]

Jao and Ania's companions departed in AG-37's freighter for the dark planet of Mala, which was reported to be located in the heart of the Surd Nebula. However, they found nothing but empty space and were subsequently captured by a Shifala warship and brought to the Carreras communications array. Meanwhile, relations between the false "Yalta Val" and Governor Biala deteriorated. Following delays in starting up the Carreras communications array, Yalta Val almost Force choked a Shifala engineer. However, the final straw came when the Sith impostor demanded the execution of Jao's companions. After monitoring a conversation between Jao and the Sith impostor, Governor Biala released Jao and his companions and sent them to stop the Sith impostor. Jao, Ania, Sauk, and AG-37 succeeded in following Darth Wredd to the space station's hangar bay.[6]

A Fiery ClimaxEdit

Jao Assam: "He's Sith. We've got to be smart about this!"
Sauk: "Ania, No!"
Ania Solo: "Smart is recognizing an opportunity."
Jao: "Wait!"
―Jao and Ania disagree about how to handle Darth Wredd[src]
Yalta Val vs Darth Wredd

Yalta Val fighting Darth Wredd

At the Carreras station's hangar bay, Darth Wredd was boarding a shuttle to return to his hidden base on Mala. Knowing that he and his friends alone could not defeat a Sith without the aid of another Force-user, Jao advised sneaking back aboard AG-37's freighter and then tracking Yalta Val's location. However, Ania wanted to take out the Sith impostor once and for all. Against Jao's advice, she fired upon the thruster engine of Darth Wredd's shuttle, causing the starship to explode into flames. However, Darth Wredd survived the explosion due to his mastery of the Force and Force choked Ania. Jao, Sauk and AG-37 quickly came to rescue. However, Darth Wredd sliced AG-37 in half with his lightsaber and used the Force to knock Sauk unconscious. During a brief lightsaber duel, Jao managed to blind Wredd's right eye. However, the rogue Sith used the Force to impale the Imperial Knight with a pair of rods, causing him to fall out of the hangar bay into the vacuum of space. Wredd then quickly stole another shuttle and escaped to his base on Mala.[6]

Surviving the skirmish with Darth Wredd, Ania Solo followed him back to his base on Mala in Jao Assam's starfighter. Meanwhile, Governor Biala gave orders for her subordinates to shut down the Carreras communications array. However, Darth Wredd had already taken control of the space station from his Mala base and used it to broadcast his message to the galaxy. During his broadcast, Darth Wredd presented the captive Yalta Val and mocked the Galactic Federation Triumvirate in an attempt to sow doubt and fear among its citizens. The broadcast was witnessed by many across the galaxy including Governor Biala, Empress Fel, the Imperial Knight Antares Draco, and the Ithorian crew aboard the substation in the Ottega system. After boasting about his feat in misleading an entire star system, Darth Wredd attempted to kill Val but was thwarted by Ania Solo, who managed to free Yalta Val and pass him Jao Assam's lightsaber. The newly-freed Val took on the rogue Sith in a fierce lightsaber duel.[7]

Amidst the fighting on Mala, Governor Biala ordered her crew to evacuate the Carreras communication array as the space station headed onto a collision course with Mala. Meanwhile, Ania managed to escape Darth Wredd's base and returned to the Carreras space station. She managed to rescue the wounded Sauk and AG-37 and escape the communications array in AG-37's freighter. Back on Mala, Yalta Val managed to destroy Darth Wredd's lightsaber but the rogue Sith managed to escape in a get-away starship. Before the space station collided with Mala, Ania succeeded in rescuing Yalta Val. AG-37 then piloted the freighter through the Surd Nebula. Since Ania had already patched up the damaged starship's hull breach, they were able to travel through the dangerous nebula safely. While tending to a wounded Sauk, AG-37's freighter came across Val's comm droid and Jao Assam.[7]

The comm droid had attached a breathing mask to the wounded Jao Assam, saving him from certain death in zero gravity space. Yalta was amazed that a droid would step in to safe the life of a sentient being. AG-37 explained that the comm droid was returning a favor to Jao for traveling to the Carreras system to rescue it. While Jao Assam was grievously wounded during his duel with Darth Wredd, his condition was stabilized due to timely intervention by a medical droid. While Ania expressed regret that her actions had caused them trouble, Sauk assured her that she had saved them all.[7]


"...I saw what you did on Carreras. We're supposed to infiltrate and gain power. Not grab for attention like a child. You call yourself Darth Wredd, but you don't deserve to be Sith."
―A Snivvian Sith chiding Darth Wredd's actions[src]
Carreras station collides with Mala

The Carreras station collided with Mala

Following the destruction of the Carreras communications array, Governor Biala submitted a report on the Carreras Incident to the Galactic Federation Triumvirate's leadership. While the Governor was unclear about what had exactly happened, she reported that a Human woman named Ania Solo was involved in the destruction of the space station.[7] In response, Galactic Empress Marasiah Fel sent a Star Destroyer Animus to pick up Ania and her companions. Following their rescue and recovery, Yalta Val and Jao Assam were reassigned to the galactic capital Coruscant to supervise the recruitment and training of new Imperial Knight cadets. After encountering a Force vision of Darth Wredd attacking Empress Fel, Jao decided to abandon his assignment and embark on a manhunt for Darth Wredd.[1] He managed to convince Ania to accompany him and the pair traveled to Nalyd, the homeworld of Wredd's henchman Dieben in the hope of discovering the rogue Sith's whereabouts.[8] However, their trail led them instead to the Calamari system where they discovered that another rogue Sith named Darth Luft and his pirate associates were building a pirate fleet using Mon Calamari and Quarren slave labor.[9]

Meanwhile, Darth Wredd embarked on an insurgency to hunt down and kill members of the One Sith. Following the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, the One Sith had gone underground and embarked on a campaign of infiltrating all galactic governments and corporations with the aim of restoring their lost "golden age." On Ceitia Five, Wredd killed a Sith infiltrator in the Triumvirate's legation. Wredd then traveled to Cadomai Prime where he killed a Snivvian Sith, who was also posing as a diplomat. Despite the threat posed by Darth Wredd, the Triumvirate authorities decided not to hunt him down since he was helping them do the job of rooting out the One Sith. This enabled the Triumvirate to concentrate on their task of rebuilding the war-torn galaxy.[1]

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The Carreras Incident served as the main exposition of Star Wars: Legacy: Prisoner of the Floating World, the first five-issue story arc in Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 comic series. It serves as the main conflict of that story arc.


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