"What is the Carrion?"
"A place that teaches you the meaning of survival."
Wilhuff and Jova Tarkin[src]

The Carrion Plateau, known simply as the Carrion, was an area of wilderness on the planet Eriadu. It was owned by the Tarkin family and was used as a site for male Tarkins to prove themselves against the wilderness.


The Carrion Plateau was an area of Eriadu that acted as a preserve for the planet's original ecosystem. The plateau was harsh and unforgiving and contained many species of dangerous native fauna. The plateau was made up of grasslands and seasonal lakes as well as more forested areas that had skinny deciduous trees, including some that were thousands of years old. The Tarkin family owned the plateau and used it to initiate family members. Initiates were required to survive for a period of time in the deadly environment, learning the merciless values of the Tarkin family.[1]



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