Cartariun was a Force-sensitive Imperial technician stationed in an Imperial Garrison on the world of Malrev IV.


After the Battle of Endor, his comrades on the planet left to help the Empire in the following conflicts. The Devaronian stayed after discovering the latent powers within the Sith Temple that haunted his former companions.



In isolation for several years, the former Imperial lost his mind but gained enough knowledge of Sith magic to extend his power to the native tribes of the Irrukiine, driving the wolf-like locals into a frenzied bloodlust while controlling their every action through his dark power. Cartariun suffered the fate of all those who claimed power through the dark side when Rogue Squadron, on a rescue mission for a crashed Bothan passenger liner, discovered the reclusive madman scheming to reclaim the Emperor's throne. Although he managed to capture Wedge Antilles and had his servants attack the Rogues, the former escaped and his squadron mates defeated Cartariun's cohorts. Cartariun was killed by the Bothan operative Girov Dza'tey, who also desired the power of the temple.



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