" We also now have our Cartel Market up and running so players can purchase unique items like the Gamorrean Axe or Cartel Packs that hold fantastic treasures such as the Kowakian Monkey Lizard and the Overlord's Command Throne, in addition to allowing Free-to-Play folks the opportunity to purchase unlocks for Free-to-Play restrictions."
―Announcement for Game Update 1.5[1]

The Cartel Market is the in-game store of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, published by BioWare. First announced in October 2012, it was added to the game in Game Update 1.5 on November 15 of that year, as part of the game's introduction of a Free-to-Play option.

The Cartel Market allows players to buy customization options, cosmetic gear, abilities, and items using the in-game currency, Cartel Coins. Its primary form of new content are Cartel Packs, which are lootcrate-style packs of cosmetic items pulled from the Pack's available items; these include new weapons, mounts, companion customizations, emotes, gear based on other Legends characters, and decorations for their Strongholds. Cartel Packs are grouped together in Shipments, of which there have been 10 to date, and are largely released around the time of the game's major updates. Prior to Shipment 8, each shipment consisted of 5 Cartel Packs, with the first two being released simultaneously.

Two additional sets of packs, the Nightlife and Dark vs Light packs, have also been released, and the game runs a weekly sale on rotating items. The Market has an in-game counterpart in the Cartel Bazaar, which is a location on both factions' main space station where Reputation vendors, trade terminals, and other event-related content can be found.


  • Shipment One: Cartel Packs — released in Patch 1.5
  • Shipment Two: Contraband Packs — added in Patch 1.7.2, and introduced Reputation vendors
  • Shipment Three: Bounty Packs — added in Patch 2.3.1, and themed after the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion
  • Shipment Four: Starfighter Packs — added in Patch 2.5.2, and themed after the Galactic Starfighter expansion
  • Nightlife Packs — added in Patch 2.8: Spoils of War, and consists of the Club Vertica and Star Cluster packs
  • Shipment Five: Stronghold Packs — added in Patch 2.9, and themed after the Galactic Strongholds expansion
  • Shipment Six: Shadow Packs — added in Patch 3.0, and themed after the Shadow of Revan expansion
  • Shipment Seven: Explorer Packs — added in Patch 3.2
  • Shipment Eight: Alliance Packs — the first three packs were released with Patch 4.0, and additional packs were released with each subsequent chapter of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.
  • Dark vs Light Packs
  • Shipment Nine: Command Packs — eight Cartel Packs, released between Patches 5.0.1 and 5.4.0
  • Shipment Ten: United Force Packs — four Cartel Packs, released starting with Patch 5.5.0


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