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"A simple grip? The curved approach? One inlaid with the bone of the Cartusion whale, pastillion ore, or black onk?"
―Huyang lists off various lightsaber designs to a group of Jedi younglings[src]

The Cartusion whale was a species of whale whose bones were used to inlay lightsaber hilts. During the Clone Wars, a series of conflicts fought between the Galactic Republic and the breakaway Confederacy of Independent Systems, the architect droid Huyang told a group of Jedi younglings aboard the Crucible that a Cartusion whalebone-infused hilts was an option in the process of building their lightsaber.[1]

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The Cartusion whale was first mentioned in "A Test of Strength," the seventh episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fifth season,[1] which originally aired on November 10, 2012.[2]

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