Carver was a male individual who served in the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. He had defected from an Imperial Academy with Charmer and he led a squad during the Mid Rim Retreat. When the Sixty-First launched a raid on an Imperial heavy freighter, Carver and his team were at the vanguard of the assault along with Sergeant Zab's team concentrating heavy fire and smashing through blast doors. After the Sixty-First lost all of its senior officers, excluding Commander Tohna and First Officer Sharn of the Apailana's Promise, Carver was made part of the Company's "inner circle" with First Sergeant Hazram Namir taking charge of the company.[1]

Operation Ringbreaker started soon after and the Sixty-First attacked Mardona III. During the fight, Charmer and his squad were ambushed by an unidentified armored worm vehicle leaving only one survivor of the four, Corbo. Keen to avenge his former academy classmate, Carver and a few other went and destroyed the thing as the crew were disembarking for a break. Carver then eulogized Charmer at his funeral calling him a "ladies man". The Sixty-First advanced further towards their target, Kuat Drive Yards making more victories until the Thunderstrike was shot down and the Apailana's Promise had abandoned them on Sullust. Namir, now captain, had Carver and the other senior people meet to discuss what they would do. Eventually, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald came to take them out but the Apailana's Promise and its X-wing starfighters came to keep it occupied. Carver assisted in the ground battle and managed to acquire a belt of grenades from the enemy. The Sixty-First won the battle when with the Herald forced to retreat and the ground forces burning.[1]

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