This article is about the Twi'lek swoop racer, Casandra Mateil. You may be looking for Koyi Mateil.
"What do you want? I don't waste time with fans, so if this is about an autoprint, forget it. You can buy one when I get more made up."
―Cassandra to Revan[src]

Casandra Mateil was a female yellow-skinned Twi'lek who was one of the professional swoop racers during the Jedi Civil War.


In 3956 BBY, Revan met her in Ahto City. Mateil was often considered to be somewhat egotistical; she would refuse to sign personal autoprints, instead the autoprints would be created, and fans had to pay for them. She held second place at the Ahto City swoop track until Revan helped Queedle Molto enhance his swoop to become Sector Champion. Mateil's time fell to third place, and Hukta Jax was moved to second. Mateil was bumped down to fourth place once Revan became Sector Champion.

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