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Vader: "You wouldn't lie to me, Vigo."
Garrulan: "Not until I get to know you better."
―Cash Garrulan and Darth Vader[src]

Cash Garrulan was a Twi'lek male who was once a former Black Sun Vigo until he became the most powerful crime lord on Murkhana. His hideout was located in the basement of an abandoned building to the south of Murkhana City.


"This another Cash Garrulan Contact?"
Roan Shryne[src]

Shortly before the Clone Wars, Roan Shryne attempted to shut down Garrulan's operations, but instead the two reached an agreement, and Garrulan became Shryne's informant on the Separatist military buildup.[1]

Retiring to Murkhana after leaving Black Sun, he still was in contact with Shryne, as part of a deal with the Jedi High Council. Following Order 66, Cash helped Roan Shryne and Olee Starstone escape Murkhana after informing them of the attack on the Jedi Temple. He set up the Dead Ringer as a decoy while sneaking the two Jedi off aboard a CloakShape fighter.

Cash himself escaped the system in his SoroSuub Skiff, shortly after dropping a booster ring, which allowed the CloakShape fighter containing the Jedi to jump into hyperspace.


Jula: "Do it for Cash."
Roan Shryne: "I don't owe Cash anything."
Jula: "Then do it to honor his memory. Imperials caught up with him soon after Murkhana. He's dead, Roan."
Jula Shryne persuading her son to help pick up senator Fang Zar[src]

After Murkhana, Cash escaped. However, he was soon hunted down and killed by the Imperials.



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