Caskadags were a sentient species from a desert world. Anglang Lehet, who worked as an assassin was a member of this species. Caskadags also had two stomachs.

Biology and appearance[]

A sentient species, Caskadags had oblong heads capped with a leathery crest that allowed them to soak in sunlight. The species needed heat, and enjoyed basking in the sun of desert planets. They had two stomachs and lived longer than many other species, though Anglang Lehet was preparing to retire after more than 102 years of work, considering himself old despite believing he had decades of life ahead of him.[1] Caskadags had gray-[2] or tan-colored skin.[3] They could speak Galactic Basic Standard.[1]

Caskadags in the galaxy[]

Anglang Lehet operated as an assassin[1] for the Cularin Syndicate[4] and as a freelancer for over a century. He attempted a hit on Canto Bight Police Department officer Brawg on behalf of the Old City Boys, but became entangled with tourist Kedpin Shoklop and earned the group's ire.[1]

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