"This is Organa Palace? Where I'm from, you could fit a whole town in there."
Corso Riggs[src]

Castle Organa, alternatively known as Organa Palace, was the ancestral home and estate of House Organa which was located on the Apalis Coast of the pristine planet Alderaan. It served as a base of operations for the Organa's by the time of the Cold War when the Alderaanian houses fought one another for the crown following the death of Queen Silara Panteer. In this time, a Mirialan called Aleyna Hark served in the palace though none knew of her allegiance to the Sith and their intention of taking control of the Death Mark project. Her time in the palace led to the potential of marking countless Organa and Republic officials which was why a Jedi Knight was tasked with ending the threat posed by the Death Mark.



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