CasualityReport Order66
"My Emperor, it is with great pleasure that I present the highlights of Order 66, compiled at the request of Imperial advisor Sate Pestage."
―Casualty Report: Order 66[src]

The casualty report of Order 66 was compiled by the Imperial Moff Marcellin Wessel. It hailed Order 66 as a great Imperial success and went into detail about fifteen notable Jedi victims of its execution. An image, a profile, and information about his or her termination were included for each Jedi. The official but untrue records of each termination were also supplemented by Sate Pestage. These records would later be revealed to the public in a cycle of Imperial HoloVision.

"Your Majesty: I have taken the liberty of appending the circumstances of death as they will appear in the official record. Please approve by 16:9:28 in time for the next cycle of Imperial Holovision"
―Sate Pestage[src]
"I trust that Your Majesty is pleased by the professionalism of the Empire's soldiers as evidenced by the thorough eradication of the Jedi rebellion. May your reign last for a thousand years!"
―Casualty Report: Order 66[src]

The document was only available to Emperor Palpatine. No others were to lay eyes on the report.


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