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"The cat becomes the mouse."
―Mori the Bastard[src]

Cats made vocalizations that sounded like "meow."

A cat was a type of domesticated animal that made vocalizations that sounded like "meow." Ken occasionally wished he possessed a cat or a dog instead of his pet mooka, Zeebo. The spukamas was a common housecat on Corellia. The pittin was another domesticated cat-like creature, as was the felinx. Like cats, they came in many colors and enjoyed batting at strings. Reekcats were another species.[source?]

There were also several sentient feline species in the galaxy, such as the the Cantrosians, the Cathar, the Tinnell, and the Togorians. Some cat-like sentient species, such as Orryxians and Catumen, were often nicknamed "Cats."[source?]



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