"A monastery, the Catacombs of Cadera, down among the dead."
―Baze Malbus, to Cassian Andor[5]

The Catacombs of Cadera were a series of ancient ruins on the moon Jedha. The Catacombs were once an ancient monastery known as the Cadera Monastery, and were located a half-day's walk from the Holy City.[5]

It served as a burial ground[3] for the skeletal remains of[2] thousands of generations of NiJedhan monks,[3] adherents of a vanished faith,[6] whose name and history have been long forgotten.[4] Their humanoid skulls[5] lined the catacomb walls, a revered but morbid presence.[3] The site had a reputation for being haunted by spirits of the departed and was generally avoided by the locals.[4]

U-wing LMTR-20 flees the catacomb's destruction.

At some point, the Catacombs were inhabited by the Church of the Contained Crescent. While inhabiting the ancient monastery, they added a latticed window. The Contained Crescent eventually left the Catacombs years prior to Saw Gerrera and his Partisans, who repurposed the Catacombs into a base which he named "the Gut."[4] It was destroyed when the Death Star tested its laser on Jedha's Holy City, which not only wiped the city off the map but also caused the surrounding surface of Jedha to peel off and destroy anything in its path, including the Catacombs themselves.[1]

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