The Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy, was written by Imperial sentientologist Obo Rin as a reference for other sentientologists and Imperial personnel. It described several prominent sentient species of the galaxy, and was written under the patronage of Darth Vader and Lieutenant Pandur, the Imperial Liaison Officer to Korfo II. Unfortunately, the work was rife with Imperial propaganda, and thus not completely reliable; for instance, longstanding non-Human members of the Galactic Republic such as the Mon Calamari and Columi were said in the work to have only recently been discovered by the Empire.[1]

Rin's high expenses during the production of this article earned Rin the scrutiny of Major Herrit of Imperial Intelligence. In turn, Herrit's complaints earned him a new assignment: obtaining a Duinuogwuin corpse for Rin's studies.[1] Herrit died in the course of this mission.[2]

Sometime afterwards, Obo Rin wrote Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy, Revised Edition, containing most of the same material, together with changes suggested by Lieutenant Pandur. Rin sent this updated edition to Major Vontenn, the Galactic Empire's Liaison Officer for Sentientology studies, together a request to pass on condolences to Herrit's family.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Both editions of the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game supplement Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races published by West End Games were written as though they consisted of excerpts from Obo Rin's work, together with a few of Rin's personal annotations to Darth Vader. The first edition also provided backstory for the character of Obo Rin, in the form of Imperial communiqués from Major Herrit of Imperial Intelligence, Darth Vader's aide Captain Solistein, and Obo Rin himself.

The updated second edition of Galaxy Guide 4, which was slightly reorganized, omitted the original communiqués in favor of new introductory notes from Obo Rin. This new introduction mentioned Major Herrit's untimely death, and introduced Major Vontenn.

The second edition's introductory material also noted that since Rin was a staunch Imperial loyalist, some of the information may not have been accurate; this has been convenient for retcons regarding species that appeared in the prequel era despite Galaxy Guide 4 stating that they were discovered by the Empire. "Gamemaster's notes" were also included, written from an "out-of-universe" perspective and pointing the reader to the "real story."



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