Catarine Towani was a Human female who was the wife of Jeremitt Towani, and the mother of Cindel and Mace Towani.


Catarine Towani and her family were on some voyage through the Moddell sector in 3 ABY. For some reason, their ship had to make a crash-landing on the Forest Moon of Endor. She and Jeremitt went out looking for help, leaving their children with the ship, telling them not to leave the ship while they were gone. However, upon return, they could find no trace of their children. Suddenly, the Gorax appeared near the ship and kidnapped both her and Jeremitt. Little did they know that Cindel was hiding in the ship.

Not long afterward, a tribe of nearby Ewoks, while on a search for their own children, discovered the crashed Towani star cruiser (which they assumed was deserted). After a look inside, they discovered Cindel, hiding in a cabinet. Soon Mace returned from a trek in the forest, assuming the Ewoks meant harm toward him and his sister. After he realized they meant no harm, he and his sister joined the Ewoks in an attempt to rescue the parents from the clutches of the Gorax.

Together, they depart the village, and cross the Endor moon, until they finally reach the Gorax, who they fight and eventually defeat. Catarine and Jeremitt had been put in a cage by the Gorax, and had to be freed. Mace freed them, and everyone returned to the village. Once back at the village, everyone celebrated. The Ewoks gave gifts to Catarine, and she was happy to be home with her family, and in the care of the Ewoks. Jeremitt began work on repairing the star cruiser. After a few months, he finally has it near completion. When nearly ready to leave, a group of Sanyassan Marauders attack the village, killing many and capturing the rest. Unfortunately, Catarine was mortally wounded, and died soon after. When Mace saw she was dead or dying, he dragged her body into an Ewok hut. However, the Marauders shot the hut with a blaster cannon, killing Mace, and likely incinerating him and the body of his mother.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Catarine was portrayed by Fionnula Flanagan in Caravan of Courage. Only the dead body of the character Catarine can be seen in The Battle for Endor. It is unknown who or what portrayed Catarine's body in the film, but it was most likely an uncredited actor.



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