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12 November 2021ZorbiasDarthRuiz30
7 November 2021Revolution (political movement)DarthRuiz30
5 November 2021Unidentified female InquisitorDarthRuiz30
25 October 2021Eyeball/LegendsDarthRuiz30
22 October 2021LineupDarthRuiz30
20 October 2021Spirit of MustafarDarthRuiz30
18 October 2021List of Force-sensitive individuals by species (second nomination)DarthRuiz30
14 October 2021Stalker/CanonEcksBot
14 October 2021Lasan (star) (second nomination)DarthRuiz30
10 October 2021List of Legends elements in the television seriesDarthRuiz30
4 October 2021Unidentified Otoga-222 droid (Ben Quadinaros)Xd1358
3 October 2021Adi Gallia MunificentsXd1358
30 September 2021Unidentified Human agentDarthRuiz30
24 September 2021Clothing part 4Imperators II
23 September 2021Unidentified planet (Stolen Valor)Xd1358
18 September 2021Unidentified quad-horn JediDarthRuiz30
15 September 2021Unidentified Abednedo pilotDarthRuiz30
14 September 2021Unidentified spa retreatDarthRuiz30
11 September 2021Clothing part 3Xd1358
9 September 2021Panels, Part 2Ayrehead02
1 September 2021Clothing part 2Tommy-Macaroni
1 September 2021PanelsTommy-Macaroni
31 August 2021Witches of Dathomir (SWG Trading Card Game)Ayrehead02
26 August 2021Unidentified Swokes Swokes victimXd1358
26 August 2021Darth Gean's Sith apprenticeTommy-Macaroni
25 August 2021Domino and GlueXd1358
24 August 2021WeaponXd1358
23 August 20213743 BBYTommy-Macaroni
23 August 2021Clothing part 1Tommy-Macaroni
23 August 2021ContainersTommy-Macaroni
22 August 2021Unidentified Rodian (darts)Tommy-Macaroni
21 August 2021Unidentified gas giant (Ordo Moon)Tommy-Macaroni
19 August 2021Ringo VindanTommy-Macaroni
13 August 2021Unidentified Sith Lord (Post–Sith Civil War)Tommy-Macaroni
13 August 2021SashTommy-Macaroni
6 August 2021Unidentified Anaxsi moonTommy-Macaroni
3 August 2021Cold-weather AT-ST Mark IIITommy-Macaroni
31 July 2021Bloated navboxesTommy-Macaroni
28 July 2021Unidentified scout trooper (Fragmentation grenade)Tommy-Macaroni
23 July 2021BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game DevelopmentTommy-Macaroni
15 July 2021Template:Sith Empire organizations (Ministries and Spheres)Tommy-Macaroni
15 July 2021Template:Mandalorian GroupsTommy-Macaroni
12 July 2021TCW lightsabersTommy-Macaroni
9 July 2021James Cameron's Story of Science FictionTommy-Macaroni
8 July 2021Unidentified Human male (Force drain)Tommy-Macaroni
3 July 2021Gort's CasinoTommy-Macaroni
3 July 2021Quarren Heavy GunnerTommy-Macaroni
30 June 2021SuperShadow (fourth nomination)Tommy-Macaroni
24 June 2021Rex's resistance movementTommy-Macaroni
19 June 2021Episode I unidentifiedsXd1358
19 June 2021Template:Deployments of Clone Force 99Tommy-Macaroni
16 June 2021Prime sand lizard pie01miki10-bot
8 June 2021Plo Koon's siblingTommy-Macaroni
7 June 2021Victory's Price Star Destroyer namesTommy-Macaroni
5 June 2021Unidentified T-series tactical droid (Coruscant)Tommy-Macaroni
1 June 2021Unidentified Jedi Academy CharactersTommy-Macaroni
26 May 2021Slave Leia costumeTommy-Macaroni
25 May 2021Unidentified blue R5 unit (Star Tours)Tommy-Macaroni
23 May 2021Leia's Metal BikiniSupreme Emperor
21 May 2021Pantora locationsTommy-Macaroni
20 May 2021String cheeseTommy-Macaroni
20 May 2021Various TCW articlesTommy-Macaroni
18 May 2021Music tracksTommy-Macaroni
9 May 2021Cast and Crew of Star WarsTommy-Macaroni
5 May 2021Unidentified deceased Jedi (Kamino)Tommy-Macaroni
29 April 2021Maulkiller's lightsabersTommy-Macaroni
20 April 2021Kin Robb's aidesTommy-Macaroni
14 April 2021Umbrella/LegendsTommy-Macaroni
14 April 2021Coalition of the FreezingSupreme Emperor
10 April 2021Obsolete maintenance templates, part troisTommy-Macaroni
7 April 2021Unidentified riverTommy-Macaroni
7 April 2021Wookieepedia:Don't seek powerTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 April 2021Wookieepedia:Jedi ExileTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 April 2021TCW unidentified ships/vehiclesTommy-Macaroni
2 April 2021Republic EliteTommy-Macaroni
2 April 2021Unidentified Neimoidian aide (Mustafar)Tommy-Macaroni
31 March 2021Bree Starlighter's planet's animalTommy-Macaroni
27 March 2021Red transportTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 March 2021Unidentified Bith Jedi (13 ABY)Tommy-Macaroni
24 March 2021Grievous's Providence (Dathomir)TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 March 2021Yrica Quell's squadronTommy-Macaroni
23 March 2021Sith dueling bootsTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 March 2021List of references to Earth in Star WarsTommy-Macaroni
16 March 2021Dune cowEcksBot
15 March 2021Thundering HerdTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 March 2021T0-D0Tommy-Macaroni
7 March 2021Unidentified mustached rebelTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 March 2021Shore fishTommy-Macaroni
5 March 2021Organization navboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 March 2021Unidentified OOM command battle droid (Battle of Sullust)TOM-E Macaron.ii
3 March 2021Jakku Imperial remnantTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 March 2021Dark Nest locationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 March 2021TCW unidentifieds, part 4TOM-E Macaron.ii
26 February 2021Unidentified clone trooper 3 (Kamino)TOM-E Macaron.ii
25 February 2021Unidentified ARC trooperTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 February 2021Unidentified Dug (Malastare)TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 February 2021Star Tours unidentifieds part 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
22 February 2021Clone Wars unidentifieds part 3TOM-E Macaron.ii
21 February 2021Grievous's parentsTommy-Macaroni
13 February 2021Template:Imperial Army units (Sith Empire)TOM-E Macaron.ii
10 February 2021Star Tours unidentifiedsTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 February 2021Unidentified scripts (Star Tours)TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 February 2021Unidentified Sith/Jedi (Star Wars Art: Visions)TOM-E Macaron.ii
7 February 2021Unidentified Rodians (Republic Detention Center)TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 February 2021Battle of MittobladeTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 February 2021Theater shield01miki10-bot
4 February 2021First Battle of BrightdayEcksBot
2 February 2021StalkerEcksBot
2 February 2021Concentrate stickTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 February 2021Ration cartonTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 January 2021Clone Wars unidentifieds 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
26 January 2021Altora's sunTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 January 2021Force ScreamTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 January 2021Unidentified astromech droid (Children of the Force)TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 January 2021Unidentified clone lieutenantTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 January 2021Azmorigan's wifeTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 January 2021UrinationTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 January 2021Unidentified Selonian mechanicWinterz
3 January 2021List of use of AurebeshTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2021Phineas and Ferb articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2021Din Djarin's groupTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 December 2020TCW unidentifieds with 1 line of dialogue (S1 E01-04)Xd1358

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