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"We cannot blame anyone for the Cathedral's destruction. We understand that it was an accident, and we forgive Admiral Ackbar. While the Cathedral is gone, this is not forever. We will rebuild, and this will be our sole purpose until we can once again play our concert in peace."
Krini-shen after the Cathedral's destruction[src]

A magnificent, delicate and extremely intricate structure located on the planet Vortex, the centuries-old Cathedral of Winds was the focal point of Vortex's annual Concert of the Winds, a cultural festival to celebrate the planet's changing of seasons. The native Vors did not permit any being to record the music made by the landmark. As the wind rushed through the countless spires, tunnels and openings, Vors would actually cover certain areas with their own bodies, creating different tunes and songs that they kept memorized in their heads. Each song was known galaxy-wide for its beauty and uniqueness.

On a diplomatic mission to the planet, Admiral Ackbar accidentally crashed his personal B-wing/E-2 into the cathedral, destroying it and killing hundreds of Vors. Ackbar resigned in shame from the New Republic's military. Once proven that Ackbar's ship had been sabotaged and that the crash was not his fault, Ackbar was reinstated in the military.

Soon after the destruction of the original Cathedral, the Vors began the painstaking work of building a new Cathedral of Winds, which was played for the first time after the destruction of the Maw Installation.[2] Qwi Xux aided in the rebuilding, using her expertise in quantum-crystalline armor to help.[3]



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