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"It is when the Republic faces its greatest tests that the true spirit of our people shines through—whether in responding to the horrific crime of Serroco, or in defending our homes on Taris."
―Catronus Steffans[src]

Catronus Steffans was the Galactic Republic Defense Ministry Director for Public Information during the Mandalorian Wars. As such, he gave public comments on various subjects regarding the war with the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, along with receiving daily briefs on various subjects concerning the war. Steffans was often quoted in news sources such as the Taris Holofeed and The Admiral's List. During the first couple years of the war, Steffans issued statements and gave news conferences on several important events. Steffans was quoted in the Taris Holofeed after the early stalemate on the Outer Rim world of Suurja, and after the war progressed beyond the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line and to the highly-populated planet Taris, Steffans gave a press conference during a Mandalorian siege. After the Mandalorians devastated the Republic planet Serroco with nuclear bombs, he furiously decried the "horrific crime" and called Mandalore the Ultimate himself an "abomination."


"We must remember what we're fighting for, after all."
―Catronus Steffans[src]

A male,[1] Catronus Steffans was the Defense Ministry Director for Public Information[3] for the Galactic Republic during the period of the Mandalorian Wars.[2] Starting in 3976 BBY, Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders from the fringes of known space began conquering worlds in the far reaches in the Outer Rim Territories[4] before clashing with the Republic in 3964 BBY. By that time Steffans was a high-ranking defense official with the Republic and had made himself available for comment on military affairs for news sources. That year, a Mandalorian advance in the Outer Rim was halted at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line set up by Republic Navy Captain Saul Karath. After four consecutive inconclusive battles at the planet Suurja, Steffans commented to the Taris Holofeed that these events showed the success of the cordon, and that a Republic pushback was upcoming. In addition, Steffans spoke on the recent controversy within the Jedi Order over participation in the war, stating that the Republic valued its relationship with the Jedi and would support the Order in any endeavors.[2]

The next year, Steffans was quoted in an edition of The Admiral's List regarding a dispute over the status of fringers and freelance tradesbeings in naval groups—Republic Admiral Noma Sommos had filed a complaint about them after recent incidents in the Outer Rim. Steffans did not take a side in the debate, stating that the greater question was whether the Republic would abandon the commercial opportunities it were known for in the name of military expenditure.[5] Later that year, the Mandalorian Wars began to truly heat up—the planet Serroco was devastated by Mandalorian nuclear bombs,[6] and Taris itself was placed under a heavy siege. Following the bombing of Serroco, Steffans gave a remote press conference about the planet's devastation. Steffans was also able to spare a few words on the attack on Taris, saying that the crises on Taris and Serroco were the types of great tests that allowed the true spirit of the Republic to shine. This press conference was reported on for an edition of the Taris Holofeed.[1] In a later edition of the The Admiral's List, Steffans indicated his shock, horror, and anger over the attack on Serroco and, with heavily populated worlds such as Telerath, Ralltiir, and Arkania potentially under threat by the Mandalorians, indicated that future Republic military policy was under review.[7]

Later that year, Arkoh Adasca, head of Republic-allied corporation The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, or Adascorp, was killed during a reported attack on his shuttle, the Arkanian Legacy, by Mandalorians. Although little was known of the incident at the time, Steffans issued a statement about Adasca's death. Assuring that medical goods and processed materials from Adascorp were continuing to make their way to the Republic, Steffans remembered Adasca as a great and loyal citizen of the Republic, and declared his expectation that a productive relationship between the Republic and Adascorp would continue well into the future.[8]

At a later point in the war, Steffans, in his position as Defense Ministry Director of Public Information, received a daily brief on military happenings from the Defense Ministry Joint Operations Information Office. The brief, which contained information on Mandalorian operations on Taris and Myrkr, along with updates on happenings in the Jedi Order and the production of war materiel, also provided policy recommendations from the Information Office.[3]

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"No one acquainted with the rules of war could have expected the shocking and abhorrent acts of the abomination called Mandalore."
―Catronus Steffans, after the devastation of Serroco[src]

In his public statements, Director for Public Information[3] Catronus Steffans spoke directly for the Republic Defense Ministry. As such, in his on-the-record comments on the Mandalorian Wars, he provided a very pro-Republic stance. Steffans was able to communicate a hopeful message even during trying times, including during his press conference in the midst of the siege of Taris.[1] Steffans also produced his fair share of furious anti-Mandalorian rhetoric, especially after the devastation of Serroco, which he called "shocking and abhorrent" and Mandalore the Ultimate himself an "abomination."[7] Early on in the Mandalorian Wars, Steffans was very optimistic about the Republic's military progress—for example, after the stalemate on Suurja Steffans predicted that the recent success of the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line would soon result in a Republic pushback.[2] Beyond just military matters, Steffans believed that the commercial opportunities afforded by the Republic were important and one of the concepts for which it was fighting..[5]

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The character of Catronus Steffans was quoted but never directly appeared in several issues of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic book series. Steffans was first quoted in The Taris Holofeed: Prime Edition, an in-universe news report included on the last page of Knights of the Old Republic 0: Crossroads. Steffans went on to be mentioned in several more such in-universe reports in subsequent issues of the series.



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