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Entrance to the Tusken Cave on Tatooine

A cave was a void in rocky areas on planets, some large enough to allow creatures and sentient species to live inside of them or hide out in them.

Some examples of caves included the Crystal Caves on Dantooine[1] and on Ilum,[2] the Neutral Jedi Zone on Barab I,[3] the Korga Cave on the forest moon of Endor[4] and the Fitsay sun caves on Sedri. The planet Tatooine, although largely a desert planet, also featured a network of caverns throughout the planet, with openings being large enough that a landspeeder could enter them.[5] One such example was the Tusken Cave.

There was also a cantina in the floating city of Tolea Biqua on Genarius named The Cave.[6]



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