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Captain Cavik Toth's personal starfighter was a small, one man attack fighter launched from the hangar bay of his flagship. It was armed with heavy laser cannons and concussion missile launchers. It also possessed phenomenal speed and agility, and a powerful shield to defend it from enemy fire.

During the attack by the Lok Revenants on the Lok refueling site, which was also Nym's base before it was claimed by the Trade Federation, Toth escaped, leaving Lieutenant Bella to deal with them. He then flew his starfighter into combat against Jedi Master Adi Gallia above Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars. Toth engaged Gallia's Jedi starfighter in a deadly duel, continually boasting about his superiority over the Jedi pilot. However, Gallia eventually bested Toth, depleting his fighter's reflective shields until the craft suffered critical damage. Toth lost control and Gallia shot him down, moments before his flagship exploded.

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Toth SF Concept

Toth's starfighter concept art.


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