"Not particularly sophisticated, to my mind, but certainly large enough."
―Grodin Tierce[1]

The Cavrilhu Pirates were a group of pirates based in the Amorris system.


"Opportunists. Carrion birds who follow warriors and pick the battlefields clean. They want a quick fight, if they must fight at all."
―Jagged Fel to Shawnkyr Nuruodo[2]

Led by Captain Zothip from aboard Void Cutter, the pirates operated from a number of hidden bases, like their facility in the Kauron asteroid belt.

During the Thrawn campaign, Niles Ferrier managed to steal three IPV-1 System Patrol Craft in the Amorris system from them in order to sell the ships to the Empire.[3][4]

In the period preceding 19 ABY, Zothip began providing Preybird-class starfighters to the Imperial Remnant through a deal with Lord Graemon and Moff Vilim Disra. The deal went sour when forces loyal to Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon discovered that they were being purchased from the pirates, rather than SoroSuub Corporation.

Jagged Fel fighting a Cavrilhu X-wing in the Rata Nebula.

After Disra canceled the deal, Zothip and several others headed to confront Disra on Bastion. Zothip met his end shortly before the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty was signed, when one of his lieutenants, a pirate named Control, engineered a confrontation between Zothip and Disra. Zothip was killed by the Mistryl Shadow Guard Karoly D'ulin, and Control was left to take over the Cavrilhu Pirates. In 19 ABY, Luke Skywalker managed to infiltrate their base in the Kauron asteroid belt but was captured and survived only due to the timely arrival of Mara Jade.

After Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade escaped from their base, the Cavrilhu Pirates looked for the two Jedi and eventually found their trace in the Nirauan system. When the pirates arrived on Nirauan, the Jedi were already gone but they found the Hand of Thrawn. Due to the destruction of their defenses by the Jedi, the personnel of the base were forced to evacuate and the pirates captured the base.[2] Shortly later, they attacked and were repelled from a secret Chiss training center in the Rata Nebula. They involuntarily discovered the base when one of their freighters crashed through the transparisteel dome hiding the base.[2]



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