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"Best not disturb him, miss. He's got his happy tunes on."
―Caysin Bog[4]

Caysin Bog was a humanoid male from the high-gravity world of Teres Lutha Minor. He was blown apart in an insurgency strike on the moon Jedha, only to be surgically pieced back together by a surgeon calling himself "Roofoo." Bog was present in Jedha City in 0 BBY and witnessed an attack by the Partisans on an Imperial patrol shortly before the city was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's Death Star superweapon.

Bog managed to avoid being killed by the Death Star and following the Battle of Yavin, he was working as a mercenary with his lover Tam Posla. The pair accepted a job from the Son-tuul Pride crime syndicate to travel to the planet Skako Minor under the command of Doctor Chelli Aphra. Once on the world, the mercenary group was led into an Imperial trap by the Skakoan Hallio Bas; however, Aphra managed to kill Bas and the Imperials with an exploding tooka.

The group then made their way inside the lab, where they were attacked by another group of Imperials led by Magna Tolvan. The arrival of the Imperials triggered the awakening of a chthonic worm god, that then attacked Bog and his allies. After the mercenary droideka Dek-Nil killed the beast by collapsing the roof of the lab, Bog and the others looted the lab and then returned to their shuttle.

After discovering their memories they were searching for was stored in Hivebase-1, Aphra led the mercenaries to the rebel flight school. They attempted to sway General Hera Syndulla about their "plan", but she locked them away. Although they managed to break out, Bog and the others stayed in their cells to win Syndulla's trust and she became willing to listen to their plan. Bog, though, released an array of pistols from his neck compartment, allowing the mercenary Sister Six to stun the rebels. They then kidnapped Syndulla, much to Posla's disgust, and flew away.

On the way to Hivebase-1, Aphra fixed Bog's diagnostics, while implanting a contingency order into him as a means of prompting Posla to fight for them. They arrived at Hivebase-1 pretending to be trading Syndulla with the Imperials there. Aphra, however, lured in the flight school to distract the defenses and they infiltrated the complex undetected. Although their presence was unknown at first, it was given away while inspecting they were inspecting frozen prototypes, which were then defrosted. Aphra activated Bog's contingency order to have him run into the firing line so Posla could attack the prototypes. Bog died in the process.


Bad luck on Jedha[]

"On Jedha we found each other. Even in the midst of evil, there is good."
―Bog recounts meeting Tam Posla[5]

Caysin Bog witnessed an attack by Saw Gerrera's Partisans on the moon Jedha.

A male humanoid originating from the[3] high-gravity world of Teres Lutha Minor,[1] Caysin Bog was blown apart during a raid by the Partisans, a rebel group led by the insurgent Saw Gerrera, on the moon Jedha. He survived his injuries thanks to the work of the surgeon Cornelius Evazan, who, under the alias "Roofoo," pieced Bog back together using techniques similar to those he used to create the subservient Decraniated cyborgs.[3] With Bog himself noting that he served as a prototype for the Decraniated.

In the year 0 BBY,[6] Bog was present in Jedha City and stood to the side of a street near[7] Gesh's Tapcafe[3] to make room for an oncoming Imperial patrol that included a[7] TX-225A Occupier tank.[3] As Bog waited for the patrol to pass, a group of Partisans ambushed the Imperials and began hurling explosives at them, causing the nearby civilians to scatter in fear.[7] Bog soon met Tam Posla,[5] a former Milvayne Authority officer who had gone rogue in order to hunt Evazan.[3] The two missed the rogue surgeon by seconds, and had to evacuate,[5] along with Imperial forces, from the city shortly after, allowing the Galactic Empire to destroy the settlement with the Death Star superweapon.[7]

Merc work[]

"Caysin Bog. Victim of aforementioned unhinged psycho. Note the hand. Damn. Couples mean complications."
―Aphra's notes on Bog, including his history with Evazan and relationship with Posla[4]

Bog worked as part of a mercenary crew for the Son-Tuul Pride.

Bog managed to escape Jedha City prior to its obliteration,[4] and following the destruction of the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Yavin,[8] he was working as a mercenary with Posla, with whom he was now in a romantic relationship. Posla was using pay from his mercenary work in order to fund this hunt for Evazan.[4]

Around 3 ABY,[9] the pair were amongst several mercenaries who accepted a job to travel to the planet Skako Minor for the Son-tuul Pride criminal syndicate on the planet Son-tuul. The group waited for their leader Doctor Chelli Aphra[4] in a patrol transport[4][10] near a settlement on Son-Tuul and while in the vehicle, Bog and Posla sat together holding hands as Posla listened to music. When Aphra arrived she scanned and read up on each member of her new crew, noting Bog's history with Evazan and his relationship with Posla.[4]

A trap on Skako Minor[]

"…conquest, experimentation, petty acquisition…"
"An unrepentant villain!"
―Bog and Posla discuss Tambor's crimes[4]

Bog and Posla worked for Aphra on Skako Minor.

Before the group could leave for Skako Minor, Aphra was tasked with choosing one member of the team to leave behind, as together they weighed too much for the ship to take off. When Imperial forces began surrounding the transport and demanding its occupants disembark, the doctor ordered Viscount Rabael Dir Glorio to prevent them from reaching the ship; however, as the viscount fought against the Imperials, Aphra piloted the ship with Bog and the others on-board away and left Glorio behind.[4]

Upon reaching Skako Minor, the group began following their Skakoan guide Hallio Bas, whom they believed was going to lead them to the workshop of deceased Techno Union leader Wat Tambor. Instead, Bas led them to a clearing full of Imperial stormtroopers with whom he had a deal to bring looters. Before the Imperials had a chance to execute Bog and his comrades, Aphra begged that they spare her pet, the genetically spliced tooka clone Flufto. Bas took the pet from her in order to later eat it, after which the doctor uttered a code phrase that caused the tooka to explode and kill the Imperials and Bas.[4]

From one trap to another[]

"Command: Stop him."
"Why bother? We can't untrigger the alarms."
―Go orders Bog to stop a fleeing stormtrooper[11]

On Skako Minor, Bog discovered a booby-trapped techno-totem.

Bog and the rest of the mercenary team survived the explosion unscathed, and as they regrouped one surviving stormtrooper attempted to flee. The cyborg mercenary Rexa Go ordered Bog and Posla to stop the trooper from escaping, but the pair refused, reasoning that the alarms were already triggered and so there was no need to kill someone who had broken no law. The Defel Glahst Ombra then killed the trooper instead, after which the mercenary team all moved inside Tambor's lab.[11]

Inside the lab, Bog's attention was drawn to a sparkling techno-totem on display, which he reached out to touch; however, Aphra screamed for the cyborg to stop, as she suspected that the totem was a trap. Her fears were confirmed when, moments later, an Imperial Delta-class T-3c shuttle crashed through the wall of the laboratory and landed on the sparkling object. Stormtroopers led by Magna Tolvan then emerged from the shuttle and opened fire, forcing Bog and the others to take cover.[11]

Bog and the beast[]

"Ah. Actually I'm—I'm okay. Just a bit winded."
―Bog reassures Posla that he is alright[11]

Aphra's mercenaries were attacked by a chthonic worm god.

The shuttle's disturbance of the totem triggered the awakening of a Chthonic worm god, which then erupted from the floor beneath the lab and attacked Imperials and mercenaries alike. Bog and Posla retreated to a different piece of cover, where Aphra order Bog to use his bayonet to harm the god, who was targeting any weaponry it could reach with its tentacles. Posla then advised Bog to ignore the order, as their contract only covered entering and holding the facility.[11]

Aphra then hurled another explosive tooka at the creature, but failed to kill it, instead trapping herself and Tolvan in a part of the lab where the god could not reach them. While the creature tried to reach the trapped pair it incapacitated Bog, leaving him draped across a low wall in the laboratory. When the harm that had befallen the cyborg was pointed out to Posla by the pair's teammate Sister Six, Posla became enraged and leapt into action, launching several missiles at the beast. The attack abruptly halted though, once Bog recovered and revealed that he had in fact only been slightly winded.[11]

The pair reunited in cover, where they held each other for comfort. The final member of the mercenary team, the droideka Dek-Nil, then fired a single shot into the roof of the laboratory, causing it to collapse and killed both the god and the remaining stormtroopers. Aphra emerged and ordered the team to start looting, which they did, only stopping briefly when they heard the sound of Aphra shooting Go in order to save Tolvan. Unaware that Aphra had fired upon their teammate, Bog and the others then returned to their shuttle with the loot they had managed to recover. Onboard the starship, Aphra then informed the team that they had been tasked with a near-suicidal mission: attacking the Imperial archive known as Hivebase-1. It was the R&D headquarters for the Tarkin Initiative.[11]

Capturing Hera Syndulla[]

"I thought our plan was honorable!"
"We wanted to tell you. It's just…you can be a bit…pompous, dear…and you do so enjoy being in charge. The doctor thought you'd be happier this way."
―Posla and Bog[12]

Aphra planned to get into Hivebase-1 by offering something valuable to the trade with the Imperial officers. So Aphra, Bog and the others went to the rebel flight school, a re-purposed Lucrehulk-class battleship that trained Rebel pilots. They found the ship thanks to the files from the facility on Skako Minor. When they got there Glahst slipped away and a Alliance officer greeted them thinking they were new recruits. But when General Hera Syndulla arrived, Poslo made it clear they weren't signing up and told Syndulla they had a proposal. Realizing they were mercenaries, Syndulla had them arrested and put into cells. Whilst they were in their cells, Glahst returned and jumped into Dek and Aphra's cell. Aphra was relieved at first but quickly discovered it was Magna Tolvan. Tolvan had skinned the poor Defel and used her skin as a disguise. Tolvan drew her gun but didn't realize that Dek was aware of her. Dek stunned Tolvan and she shot once reflexively with her blaster disabling the shields keeping them in the cell.[12]

The alarms went off but the mercenaries did not flee as it would anger the rebels more. Syndulla noticed this and offered to let them leave. Aphra was still on for their proposal so Syndulla let them speak. Aphra explained that they knew how to get into Hivebase-1 and that they needed Syndulla's help. Syndulla was curious to know their plan but as Posla was about to explain, Bog opened his compartment and shot out several blasters. Sister Six caught them and started stunning the rebels. In a matter of seconds all the rebels in the room, including Syndulla, were unconscious. Posla had not been told of this plan and was furious, despite Bog's attempts explain why they didn't tell him. They almost left Posla behind as they escaped with Syndulla.[12]


"Caysin? Where are y--"
"Advance. Advance.'"
―Posla watches as Bog runs into to his death[5]

Once they were away from the flight school, Aphra contacted one of the Imperial officers in Hivebase-1 offering a trade with Syndulla.[12] The officer accepted the offer and the crew began travelling to Hivebase-1. In the meantime, Bog let Aphra fix some of his diagnostics which had been affected their mission to Skako Minor. What Bog didn't know was that Aphra had programmed a contingency plan into Bog in case of an emergency which could be activated from the former head set of Rexa Go. The crew jumped into range of Hivebase-1, where they were soon followed by the rebel flight school. Aphra had planned to lure the Lucrehulk-class battleship there using the tracking device on Syndulla's General plaque. The flight school found itself under attack by acidic creatures which began to breach it's hull. During the chaos of it's arrival, Aphra's team flew into Hivebase-1.[5]

Bog is gunned down by the Hivebase-1 prototypes

Now inside Hivebase-1, the group investigated the collection of rejected prototypes and plans which were frozen to keep under control. During their search, Magna Tolvan got onto the bridge of the flight school and took out the Captain and bridge crew. Tolvan then contacted Hivebase-1 command and notified them of the presence of Aphra's crew. Aphra and her crew realized this and the frozen prototypes started to defrost around them. Before they could react, Dek was gunned down and they were pinned behind crates.[5]

Aphra asked Posla to fend off the cyborgs with his built in weapons, but the man refused, excusing the prototypes as victims of experimentation. That was when Aphra activated the contingency in Bog's system and Bog walked into the firing line of the cyborgs, killing him instantly. Posla watched his soulmate fall to the ground and, in a fit of rage, advanced to fire upon the wave of forgotten designs.[5]

Post death[]

"Oh, Caysin, Caysin, my beautiful headless heart…why did you do it? Why did you attack the beasts…?"
―Posla mourns Bog's death[13]

Aphra, Syndulla, and Sister Six escaped while Posla fought the prototypes. Although Posla was heavily outnumbered, his weapons proved a match for the prototypes, and he returned to the others, traumatized from seeing Bog's death.[5] In the following skirmish that ensued, between the mercenaries and Commander Yewl and his troops, Posla remained mourning Bog's death. Fortunately for them, Aphra used a bug planted in flight school to have it latch onto Hivebase-1 and use its X-wings to rip the datacore, in which the mercenaries were situated, out. With the datacore separated, Aphra had the complex destroyed using the now released explosive Tookas. After returning to the flight school with Syndulla, Aphra double-crossed Posla to extract Tolvan.[13]


"I continue to believe my partner's death was catalyzed by the rogue archaeologist who led our last operation. One day I will find her and cut her heart out. Slowly"
―Tam Posla, on Caysin Bog's murderer[14] After being traded a "fake" Evazan, Posla wished that Bog was there to see his success.[15]

Following Aphra's betrayal, Posla suspected her of orchestrating Bog's death and promised to cut out her heart slowly. But until then he only focused on continuing the hunt for Evazan, which him and Bog had been up to for some time.[14]

Personality and traits[]

"It's not a question of sanity, dear. It's a simple matter of knowing what matters the most."
―Bog chides Sister Six for calling him and Posla insane[4]

On Skako Minor, Posla and Bog refused to kill a fleeing stormtrooper.

Whatever skin Bog had left after his cybernetic reconstruction was fair in color.[3] He entered into a same-sex relationship with the mercenary Tam Posla, and upon meeting Aphra warned her not to disturb his lover as he was listening to what Bog referred to as "his happy tunes". While on Skako Minor, Bog informed Posla of Aphra's criminal history.[4]

Bog and Posla became bounty hunters in order to raise funds to take down Dr. Cornelius Evazan, the man who had turned Bog into a cyborg.[5] Bog refused to kill a fleeing stormtrooper despite orders from Rexa Go, since he was not being paid per kill he made on the mission and the Imperial had broken no law. He and Posla also refused to fight against the chthonic worm god that they encountered in Tambor's laboratory, as it was not covered in their contract. When Sister Six declared that Posla and Bog were crazy while they hid from the god, Bog chastised her and claimed that knowing what mattered the most was more important than sanity.[4]


Following his cybernetic reconstruction, Bog lacked a head, instead having orange and white cybernetics built around his neck. His legs and lower abdomen were also replaced with cybernetics, which left a portion of his guts exposed around his waist. Bog carried a blaster while on Jedha,[3] and had a bayonet attached to the weapon while on Skako Minor.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

Caysin Bog appeared in the first teaser trailer for Rogue One.

Caysin Bog first appeared in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[7] debuting in the first teaser trailer, which was released on April 7, 2016.[16] The trailer scene featuring Bog was not used in the final release of the film, although he can still briefly be seen during the Jedha City ambush. The character was not named in the film[7] but received identification in Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, a reference book written by Pablo Hidalgo[3] and released on the same day as the film, December 16, 2016.[17]



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