Cazne'olan was a Twi'lek and was one of the leaders of the Olan Clan.


A slenderly, elderly male, Olan was a contemporary of Nawara Ven and Koh'shak. He despised what his relative Firith Olan had become and made plans to sell his relative to the highest bidder. Olan orchestrated a negotiation between Rogue Squadron and Marl Semtin, forcing Wedge Antilles and Winter to battle Sixtus Quin and Septaas for information on Firith's and Eidolon Base's whereabouts.

However, Cazne'olan showed that he believed crime did not pay—either for Firith or the Galactic Empire—by staging the battle in a virtual world, in which all parties were consumed in a heat storm. The Empire came out the victor in the virtual game, with Sixtus securing the prize. However, Semtin secretly bribed his way into the upper levels of Kala'uun and took Firith, presumably without paying Cazne'olan his promised fee.



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