"After all, we didn't come to feed Ceasar. We came to bury him!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

Ceasar was a male watchbeast and a pet of Orion Ferret, the administrator of the space station known as Bazarre. Kept on the junk world of Patch-4, Ceasar was tasked with guarding whatever Ferret chose to store on the planet. The watchbeast was kept in line with a sonic pacifier, although whenever Ferret was not present, he allowed the creature to run wild. Ceasar caused considerable trouble for the inhabitants of Patch-4—a band of homeless refugees from the expansions of the Galactic Empire. In 3 ABY, Ceasar was unwittingly tasked with the killing of Alliance to Restore the Republic envoys Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian. Although he made several attempts to dispatch the two newcomers to Patch-4, Ceasar was thwarted by the Rebels, who banded together with the refugees. The two Rebels then gave the refugees Ferret's sonic pacifier, allowing them to control the watchbeast from then on.


Ferret's petEdit

Ceasar was a pink-skinned watchbeast that was owned by the administrator of Bazarre, Orion Ferret. In order to control Ceasar, Ferret utilized a sonic pacifier, which, when activated, would cause the watchbeast to behave placidly and obey commands. Ferret placed the creature on the junk planet of Patch-4, which the administrator used as a storage world. The planet was already inhabited by a group of homeless refugees from the Galactic Empire's rule, but Ceasar's aggressive presence forced them to flee underground. Ferret would occasionally visit the planet in his personal shuttle, and utilize the sonic pacifier on Ceasar. While living on Patch-4, Ceasar would hide under large piles of junk.

Skywalker and Calrissian's visitEdit


Ceasar slams into the fuselage.

In 3 ABY, two envoys of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian, came to Patch-4 in Ferret's shuttle, to pick up four makeshift TIE Fighters that the Bazarre administrator was storing on the junk world. As they ventured toward the fighters, they attracted Ceasar's attention, prompting the watchbeast to burst out from underneath a junk pile, and attack the newcomers. The two Rebels fired on Ceasar with their blasters, but the watchbeast's hide was too thick to be penetrated by the firearms. In response, Ceasar lunged at Calrissian, and was able to catch the Rebel on his front pincers, before Skywalker attacked the watchbeast's underbelly with his lightsaber. Injured, Ceasar was forced to drop Calrissian, which gave the two Rebels enough time to begin their escape. They were thwarted, however, when they found their passage was blocked by a large piece of fuselage. Cornering the two Humans, Ceasar lunged toward them, but at the last second, his prey fled into the piece of fuselage, where the homeless refugees had taken up residence. Moving at a considerable pace, Ceasar was unable to stop himself, and he subsequently collided with the fuselage.

Undeterred, the watchbeast lay in wait outside the fuselage, waiting for his prey to reemerge. While he waited, Calrissian and Skywalker, along with the refugees, withdrew from the makeshift shelter through a rear exit, and opened fire on a pile of junk hanging over Ceasar's position. In doing so, they caused a landslide that fell on top of the watchbeast, seemingly trapping him under a mass of waste. Ceasar was unaffected by the attack, however, and he moved to attack his assailants. Calrissian in particular was, successfully, drawing Ceasar's attention by firing at the watchbeast's head—in response the creature repeatedly made violent lunges toward the Rebel.

Calrissian was able to dodge Ceasar's attacks, but the watchbeast merely dug through the junk piles and continued his relentless attacks. Just as Ceasar was about to eliminate Calrissian, Skywalker reached the sonic pacifier in Ferret's shuttle. With the pacifier activated, Ceasar slumped to the ground, unable to resume his attack. The Rebels were then able to retrieve the fighters and depart in peace, but not before giving the sonic pacifier to the refugees. With Ferret's device now in their possession, the refugees were able to control Ceasar, effectively making the planet useless to the Bazarre administrator.

Behind the scenesEdit

"You mean you've never seen Lando and Luke attacked by a giant, barbed penis? You haven't lived!"
Aidan Hennessy[src]

Ceasar made his first and only appearance in 1982's Star Wars 59: Bazarre, which was written by David Michelinie and illustrated by Walt Simonson, who also did the cover art. In the story, Ceasar serves as one of the principal antagonists, along with his master, Orion Ferret.


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