Predor Skal'nas: "The Infinite Empire knows only victory, Sub-Predor Ceh'let."
Ceh'let: "Half our troops are dead, and the attack is stalled. I defy you to get a victory with that!"
―Skal'nas and Ceh'let[src]

Ceh'let was a female Rakata who served as a Sub-Predor in the Infinite Empire of her species. When the Empire invaded the Tython system in 25,793 BBY, Ceh'let and her superior Predor Skal'nas were among the commanders of the invading force. However, the Je'daii Order and the Settled Worlds opposed the invasion, and in 25,792 BBY Ceh'let's attack on the planet Shikaakwa was broken before it even began, as the Je'daii had foreseen the assault. Aboard her flagship, she informed Skal'nas of the battle and how half of her forces had been killed, and Skal'nas ordered her to withdraw her forces back to the Rakatan Base Prime on Ska Gora. There, Ceh'let openly challenged Skal'nas's authority and intentions during a war conference, and Skal'nas explained in private to her his goal of reaching the Infinity Gate on Tython. However, instead of choosing her to rule with him as Ceh'let expected, Skal'nas then killed the Sub-Predor with Force lightning for challenging him.[1]

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Ceh'let first appeared in Dawn of the Jedi: Force War 1, the first issue in the Force War miniseries. The miniseries is the third in the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi comic book series by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, and the issue was released on November 20, 2013. Ceh'let is the first female Rakata to appear in any Star Wars material, and she is the first Rakata to be shown with hair.[1]


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