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The Celanon Spur was a hyperspace route in the galaxy. The Pandem Nai system, containing the planet Pandem Nai, was located on the route.[1] The gas giant Ajara and its moon, the jungle world Ajan Kloss, located in the Cademimu sector of the Outer Rim Territories, were situated in a partially unexplored stretch of space off the Celanon Spur.[2] The route shared its name with the astronomical object Celanon, also located in the Outer Rim.[3]

While preparing for an attack on the forces of the Galactic Empire's 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, who had fortified themselves on Pandem Nai following the Battle of Endor, New Republic Intelligence agent Caern Adan studied the Celanon Spur. While the Celanon Spur would be an easier route to the planet, Adan presumed that the 204th would have placed early warning mechanisms along the hyperlane.[1]

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