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Celia Durasha was a female Human native of Lankashiir and the sister of Raine Durasha, one of three brothers, and was a member of the Durasha family. She was nicknamed Crimson by Detien Kaileel.


She planned to follow her brothers into the Imperial Navy but was prevented from joining the Imperial Academy by her father, a Commander in the fleet who believed it was no place for a woman. Celia resented him for it and was forced to find a career elsewhere.

Until the destruction of Alderaan in 0 BBY, Celia was the navigator aboard the Kuari Princess. She was thrown into confusion when she discovered that her brother Raine, an Imperial soldier, had been killed by the Rebel Alliance on Ralltiir, while at the same time a close friend aboard the Kuari Princess was revealed to be a Rebel operative. After her friend was killed by the Imperial officer Adion Lang, a former lover of hers, Celia escaped the ship in a passenger barge. Due to the death of her brother at the hands of the Rebellion and the loss of her best friend to the Empire, she had no love for either.

Crimson then became a free-trader and smuggler who owned the YT-1300 light freighter the Starlight Red. She had a tendency to get involved in what her protocol droid considered "heroic antics," and she also had a tendency to talk—too much, according to the droid—during hyperspace travels.


"Crimson" arrested

When she was arrested by Imperial Customs in Byblos Starport Tower 214, her protocol droid U-THR assumed the role of the unlikely hero and came to her rescue.

Crimson eventually fell in love with Corellian smuggler Kaj Nedmak and ran several missions with him for underworld kingpins Bwahl the Hutt and Rass M'Guy. When a smuggling deal went sour, however, Bwahl hired the bounty hunter Thune to capture them. Chasing them to Ord Mantell, Thune almost managed to do just that, and nearly killed Kaj in the process, but the smugglers turned the tables on her and escaped, stealing both her ship and her droid, U-THR.



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