"Please sit down…have some Corellian whiskey … I am afraid it is time to discuss the nasty business of having to push you out an airlock."
―Celis Mot[src]

Celis Mott was a famous pirate during the Galactic Civil War. A rotund Human, Mott possessed a beard and kept his eye brows dyed and trimmed in the Peluchian style. Less debonair than he thought himself,[1] he unified all the pirate factions in his sector into a single fleet that roamed and raided the Nanth'ri Route. Mott authored a set of rules for piracy conduct called Ship's Articles which would become, with modifications, widespread among pirates even after his mysterious disappearance.[2]

Later, it was discovered that Mott had been abducted by the Rebels. While being transported on Celestial to an Alliance penal colony, Mott and fellow prisoner Bane Nothos escaped and took control of the starship. However, when the escapees tried to jump to lightspeed, all aboard were lost in Otherspace. The Charon's red mist took a toll on Mott, who went insane aboard the alien ship Desolate. Mott was subsequently killed by Alliance agents who had staged a rescue attempt.[1]

Years later, Xishel, a Falleen employed Marka Durn to locate the lost treasure of Mott. Durn found the treasure on a remote asteroid, but died soon after.[3]

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