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This article is about the detention cell aboard the first Death Star. You may be looking for the detention cell aboard the Prosecutor.

Leia Organa in Cell 2187

Cell 2187 was a detention cell located in Detention Block AA-23 aboard the first Death Star. Just prior to the Battle of Yavin, it was used for the interrogation and detainment of Princess Leia Organa. She was scheduled for execution before Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca came to rescue her.

Behind the scenes[]

In the novelization and comic adaptation, Luke Skywalker chooses a different method of entering Cell 2187: He destroys its door with a laser pistol instead of pressing a button to open it.

Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy erroneously gives this cell's number as "3187." This error was repeated in Complete Locations and The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader.

"Cell 2187" is a reference to the short film 21-87, directed by Arthur Lipsett. It reportedly inspired George Lucas to make the film THX-1138.

In the game Star Wars: Republic Commando, during the Prosecutor stage, Commando Scorch is taken to the ship's detention block, which resembles that of the Death Star's, and is held in cell 2187.


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