"There's an ice moon nearby. It's small, uninhabited; the perfect place for a skirmish."
―Jarek Yeager briefs Ace Squadron — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Celsor 3 was an ice moon located in the galaxy. Its primary terrain was snow-topped ice pillars and icy ground. It was uninhabited, save for the native jakoosks, who spent most of their time slumbering. The moon was visited by the inhabitants of the supertanker fuel depot Colossus around the year 34 ABY. Running from the militant First Order and looking for food, the resident Warbird gang disembarked from the Colossus to hunt a local jakoosk as a source of food for the station. Though the hunt proved unsuccessful, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and pilot Torra Doza later returned to the moon and managed to kill the beast.


"All right, what's the plan, Hype?"
"Our target's not gonna be the creature. It's gonna be the ice pillars."
"Ooh, that's brilliant.
―Kazuda Xiono and Hype Fazon discuss their plan of attack — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

A small, uninhabited terrestrial moon[3] located in the Outer Rim Territories at grid coordinates O-17,[1] frigid Celsor 3 had a breathable atmosphere[3] and a picturesque landscape covered in ice and snow and dotted with giant ice pillars blanketed in fog. The only creature known to survive on the moon was the jakoosk,[4] a massive flying beast that remained in slumber until unsuspecting visitors disturbed it.[5]


"Aunt Z told us if we catch that jakoosk, she can cook it for the entire platform."
―Torra Doza, to Imanuel Doza — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

The Warbirds attempt to kill a massive jakoosk.

After escaping the militant First Order over D'Qar[6] around the year 34 ABY,[7] the supertanker fuel depot Colossus passed near Celsor 3. New Republic veteran Jarek Yeager chose the moon as a location for training exercises after being placed in command of Ace Squadron, the platform's main defenders. During one of their training exercises, the Aces were attacked by a jakoosk awakened by their flying through the moon's ice pillars, and Yeager was nearly eaten before the Aces shook his starfighter free by shooting one of the pillars so it collapsed onto the creature.[2]

Later, the pirates of the Warbird gang went to Celsor 3 in an attempt to hunt the jakoosk for its meat, as the Colossus had run out of food and the Warbirds' leader, Kragan Gorr, saw an opportunity to undermine the authority of the Colossus's captain, Imanuel Doza. However, the pirates were unprepared for the size of the creature and were eventually forced to retreat. Ace Squadron pilots Kazuda Xiono, a Resistance spy, and Torra Doza, daughter of the captain, who had been monitoring the pirates, decided to return to Celsor 3 shortly thereafter and try to hunt the creature themselves by positioning a blaster cannon on the ground to shoot the jakoosk in its vulnerable belly. Despite some problems caused by Torra's pet, Buggles, stowing away in their starship, the Fireball, and interference from the stranded pirates Snarl and Drell, Xiono and Torra's mission was successful, resulting in the death of the jakoosk and leaving the Colossus with enough food supplies to feed the entire platform for quite some time.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Celsor 3 concept art

Celsor 3 first appeared in "Live Fire,"[2] the third episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance, which aired on Disney Channel on October 20, 2019.[8] The moon was was initially pictured, however, in the season's trailer, which was released on August 14, 2019.[9] It was first named by the title of the following episode, "Hunt on Celsor 3,"[3] which aired on October 27, 2019.[10] Concept art for the ice moon was done by Jim Moore and Andre Kirk.[11]



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