"May I steal Lady Ressad away for a while?"
―Jerdon Bly asks to be left alone with Ressad[src]

Lady Centada Ressad was a female alien who attended a party during the Cold War between the First Order and the Resistance on the Undisputed Victor, a yacht owned by Baron Yasto Attsmun. At the party she encountered the Dor Namethian Lexo Sooger, whom she had previously received a massage from at Zord's Spa and Bathhouse; however, as the masseuse was trying to remain incognito he pretended not to know her. Ressad then spoke with the baron and the arms dealer Jerdon Bly, the later of whom asked to be left alone with her and began making advances toward her. After he grabbed her and pulled her close, Ressad stamped on his foot and then fled.


"Oh, hello, Centada. I'm so glad you could join us tonight."
―Baron Yasto Attsmun greets Ressad[src]

Lady Centada Ressad was a female alien who spent time in the city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica during the Cold War between the Resistance and the First Order. While there, she was a patron of Zord's Spa and Bathhouse, where she was massaged by the Dor Namethian Lexo Sooger on at least one occasion and name dropped the Contessa Alissyndrex delga Cantonica Provincion in conversation with him. She later encounter Sooger in Canto Bight again while attending one of Baron Yasto Attsmun parties on the his yacht, the Undisputed Victor.[1]

Ressad recognized Sooger and approached him, but the masseuse was in disguise as a waiter and trying to remain incognito, as he had been sent by the contessa to kill the arms dealer Jerdon Bly. He pretended not to know Ressad, who then left him to speak to the baron and Bly. The baron made introductions between Ressad and Bly, after which the arms dealer asked to be left alone with her as he was attracted to her. When they were alone he tried to put his arm around her waist, but she slipped away from him and avoided it. He then successfully tried again and pulled her close, causing her to stamp down on the insole of his foot. As Bly doubled over in pain, Ressad gracefully glided away from him past other party guests who were gathering round him to check if he was alright.[1]

Sooger later called Bly and pretended to be Ressad's personal assistant, claiming she wanted to meet him away from prying eyes in order to lure Bly into a remote part of the yacht. The ploy worked and the Dor Namethian killed Bly and then pretended to have discovered a fire, causing Ressad and the other guests to evacuate the boat.[1]

Ressad later attended the casino with the Master Codebreaker and his companion "Lovey" the night Finn and Rose Tico came in search of the human slicer, only to be arrested by Canto Bight Police officers.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"You Dor Namethians do look very much alike."
―Ressad is confused by Sooger's disguise[src]

Centada Ressad was a fair-skinned[2] bipedal alien similar in appearance to a human but with a cone-shaped head. She had a feminine voice and was considered beautiful by Lexo Sooger, who thought she had lovely eyes and the softest, smoothest skin he had ever seen. She remembered Sooger after only having met him once or twice despite the fact that he was a member of the serving class, which was unusual among the masseuse's clients. While on the yacht she was afraid of being left alone with Bly and try to politely avoid his advances before hurting him when he went to far so that she could escape.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Centada Ressad was created for the film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, which was released on December 15, 2017; however, prior to the film's release she appeared in the short story "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing", which was written by Rae Carson and released as part of the Canto Bight anthology on December 5, 2017.[4]



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