Center Sphere District, sometimes known as Center Sphere, was a district of the city Bartyn's Landing on Lamaredd. It was the area of services, while the inhabitants lived in other points of the city. Center Sphere District owed its name to its position in the remains what had been the central orb of a LH-3010 capital freighter that had been dismantled to create the skeleton of the city.


Around five hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, Hugo Bartyn, an agent of Outer Rim Oreworks Company, was assigned as Administrator of the mines of the planet Lamaredd. Bartyn had noticed that Lamaredd was also rich in seafood, and he intended to build a fishing town from which he could export the delicacies without any interference from ORO.[1]

Using his own savings, Bartyn bought a beat-up Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter from some Neimoidian traders and used mining equipment to blow up parts of it, creating the skeleton of the coastal town. The central command module was chosen to become the center of the city, and as such the top of it was destroyed.[1]

In the following centuries, the town, named Bartyn's Landing, thrived. The "center of the city" was known as "Center Sphere District", or simply "Center Sphere", and locales there specialized in services. The situation continued for at least five centuries.[1]Anyone wanting to keep a good watch of what happened the city — such as the Security Chief — was to be physically in the Sphere. As it was still a backwater town, markers pointing to Center Sphere were handwritten in walls.[2]

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The Skylight Market was in the geographic center of the District, just under the open top, and its various stalls offered several kinds of products.[1] Other services in the area included the media agency Center Sphere Flimsinews[1] and the pub known as Tailfin Cantina. The most popular and busiest business in the District was the inn-and-something Miss Mylla's Saloon,[1][2] which was just in front of its direct competitor, The Even Cut Sabacc Parlor and Casino.[1]

The Mighty Musstoro, a Gungan wrestler, operated in the area, street-fighting for the wagers, but he did not have a physical locale.[2] The District was next to a docking area that was restricted to the use of locals. Part of this area was identified as Pier Green.[2] A number of citizens performed Cargo Track races circling the District on the outer side.[1]



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