"... to my fellow grand moffs, and to the grand admirals, other officers, stormtroopers, bounty hunters, slavelords, and slaves, I bid you all Dark Greetings!"
Bertroff Hissa at the Committee's opening[1]

The Central Committee of Grand Moffs was the government body formed in 5 ABY by a majority of the Galactic Empire's Grand Moffs in an attempt to subvert Ysanne Isard's claim to rule the Empire.

Seceding from the weakened Imperial Ruling Council, it formed an Imperial splinter faction and claimed authority over the whole of the Empire, including the Rebel Alliance. Bertroff Hissa was its organizer and unspoken leader, and moffs Vilim Disra, Dunhausen, Muzzer, and Thistleborn were senior members of its Council. The face of its operations, Trioculus, was a weak figurehead championed as the mutant son of the late Emperor, and was ostensibly the committee's head. They were stationed aboard the Moffship.

The committee organized the assassination of Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus, and met on Kessel to advance Trioculus's claim to the Imperial throne. After the deaths of its founder and figurehead, and all future plans to subdue the Alliance by said committee were discontinued.

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