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The Central Isopter was a death-worshipping cult whose members frequented areas of violence, meditating on matters of mortality. Nesta Term, a self-proclaimed Lens of the Central Isopter,[1] and two fellow cultists were present in Jedha City shortly before it was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's Death Star.[3] Sister Six, a Xexto, was a part of Central Isopter until she giggled during a ceremony and got kicked out.[5]

Following the attack from the Death Star, members of the Cult remained on Jedha[6] and they built a temple of the edge of the large crater of the moon[7] which would stand as long as the moon had left. The temple was a place of worship as they believed the destruction of Jedha City had been a blessing. Luke Skywalker came to the temple with Chulco Gi to find answers. The cult members said they had nothing to teach him and that it was what would teach him. Luke became uneasy of their sayings and said he wanted to become a Jedi and not them. But Chulco told him that it was a path that could lead them where they need to be. The Isopter cultists then told Luke that with the Jedi gone, they were all that is left. Luke stared down what they called the Abyss but thought it was all madness. Chulco then attacked Luke and he activated his lightsaber and killed Chulco. Chulco's last words exclaimed that the Abyss made him go mad. Luke left the cult at the temple and went to help his friends.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

A Central Isopter cultist, as seen in the "Celebration Reel".

A Central Isopter cultist was first shown in the promotional "Celebration Reel" released for the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Celebration Europe on July 15, 2016.[9] Three then went on to appear in the film itself, which was released in North America on December 15 later that year. The cult was not named in the film, but received identification in the reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide (released the day after the film), which also identified a single member of the cult, Nesta Term.



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